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How to Stop Earwigs & Other Bugs From Coming In Through Your Pet Door.

Are you looking for a simple way to stop earwigs and other bugs from coming in through your pet door? Are you shopping for pet doors and concerned that the pet doors you are finding in the pet stores and online are going to allow the insects to come inside and bug you. Pun intended. Imagine if the doors and windows in your home didn’t seal airtight. Imagine all the bugs that would crawl in to begin duplicating inside of your home. Not a pleasant thought at all.

Pet flaps that let light shine through act as a beacon attracting insects to the portal into your home. Earwigs for example, infiltrate your home through tiny creases and look for somewhere to nest and lay eggs. Earwigs find areas of your home that are not completely sealed like screen windows, basements, and the stripping at the bottom of your door.

Imagine how easy it is for that earwig to crawl through a pet flap that doesn’t seal airtight. Most pet doors offer pet flaps that blow open in the slightest wind.  Unless a pet flap seals airtight then it is certain that bugs are coming through. You may not catch them  in the act but I assure you they are finding places to nest inside of your home.

Pet flaps haven’t changed much over the past 30 years and a pet flap that seals airtight is long overdue. Freedom Pet Pass specializes in energy efficient pet doors and pioneered M.E.S.S.A. sealing technology and has applied this breakthrough sealing technology to pet doors. Now you can enjoy all of the fantastic benefits a pet door provides you and your pet while having the peace of mind that those pesky bugs are not coming in through your pet’s new portal to the backyard.

Freedom Pet Pass is the pet door that Energy Star Partners recommend. Look around and see what you have been missing.

Post your bug story to comments.

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Daily Pet Sitter Rates For Your Dog Are Expensive. Pet Doors Are The Solution.

Daily rates for pet sitters to let your dog outside or excersise them are very expensive and the solution to this problem is simple. Looking for a simple way to save your money? Install a dog door for your pet.  Pet sitters typically charge per visit anywhere from $12 – $28 a visit depending on where you live. Good luck finding the $12 an hour pet sitter.

Many pet sitters offer a flat daily rate as low as $45 a day. Lets say you live in an area that the pet sitter is charging just $30 a day. You found a deal. You hire the pet sitter to watch your dog while your at work for 5 days a week and for this service you only pay $600 dollars a month. Assuming you have 2 weeks off a year and during those two weeks you play doorman for your buddy you will need this service 50 weeks out of the year.

Your special pet costs you $7,500 a year in pet sitting fees. And that is a based on the lowest of low pet sitting pricing.

Is that reasonable? Imagine if your dog could let himself outside to go to the bathroom and get some excersise. And it cost you less than $400, saving you about $7,100 in the first year. And that is if you find one hec of a deal on a pet sitter. If you are spending a small fortune in pet sitting fees to your pet sitter consider installing a dog door.

Saving money as a result of firing your pet sitter is just one of the many outstanding benefits a dog door offers both you and your dog. Take a look around and see what you have been missing. Post your pet sitting fees to comments.

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Access Magnetics, LLC has up for state award in Michigan from MI sbtdc

Last month we received a letter from the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center informing us that Access Magnetics, LLC has been selected as one of thirteen small businesses out of 15,895 competing companies. The letter reads as follows:

March 8, 2010

Greetings and Congratulations!

“Your small business has been selected as one of thirteen best small businesses of the year, Access Magnetics, LLC has been selected from among 15,895 companies we provided with confidential counseling and training last year.

Access Magnetics, LLC was chosen not only upon the basis of its success in terms of sales, employment and business strategy, but also on the company’s economic impact, and of course the involvement of the MI-SBTDC in providing assistance to reach those goals.

Please join us on April 29, 2010 at the Lansing Center for a pre-awards “Best Small Business” presentation. Preceding the presentation there will be a pre-reception to the Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awards presentation, which you are also invited to attend.

The MI-SBTDC regional director and/or business counselor that provided you with assistance will be attending the dinner. the evening will begin with the “Best Small Business” presentation at 4:00, Michigan reception at 5:00 pm, dinner and MCSB awards presentation to follow at 7:00 pm.”

I am very proud of my family for pursuing their vision to provide passionate pet owners the first ever energy efficient pet door. This truly is a family business and every day brings a new challenge, a new conversation, and a new idea to implement. One thing does stay the same. We will always focus on building a remarkable pet door that will exceed your expectations. Because of this fact, we will continue to grow.

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What does a draft free seal and a thermal pet flap offer?

Freedom Pet Pass offer weather tight pet doors that provide your companion a portal to the backyard while conserving energy, lowering your utility bills, reducing noise and pollutants, improving indoor air quality, keeping the weather out, and improving the comfort of your home. The energy efficient qualities have been tested and documented by an independent Energy Star engineering firm.

Veterinarians approve of our innovative Thermal Flaptm that provides safe flexible freedom for your pet to come and go as they please. What we offer is a leak proof pet door that is the most energy efficient pet door of its kind, that pets can use on their own terms, without compromising home energy costs, consumption, and comfort.

And all of our customers are completely satisfied. We still haven’t had a single return. We are very thankful that they are spreading the word. It takes the effort of all us that share the same world view to spread a message about a new product; an amazing product that is radically better at what it does than any of its kind.

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Which Pet Door Flap is Best: Transparent or Opaque?

Common questions our customers ask us include: Why is your pet flap opaque? Why not a transparent pet flap like the other pet door manufacturers? Should my pet be able to see through the pet flap? Won’t light passing through the pet flap help my pet locate where the pet door is and see that is safe to go outdoors? Whether the pet flap is a dog door flap or a cat flap, ultimately you want your pet to interact with the pet door without any problems while providing you with peace of mind that what you install is safe and practical addition to your home.

Transparent pet door flaps are typically standard when shopping for a pet door. This pet door flap will allow light to pass through whether day or night. Considering there is no evidence that pets use their eyesight to locate the pet door, light passing through the pet door flap is not necessarily a benefit. Pet’s do however rely on the scent of the trail they leave coming and going through the pet door to locate it.

Pets are cautious by nature. Because pets rely mostly on their sense of smell and ears to anticipate danger, being able to see outdoors through the pet door flap will not help your pet. And there is no evidence that a pets eyes can focus through a transparent screen. A very common disadvantage is that when it is dark outside the light from inside your home acts as a beacon attracting unwanted animal visitors to your home, especially insects! Another disadvantage is the material transparent pet flaps are typically made of scratch easily which provides a place for bacteria to build up which can affect your pets health. This type of flap material is often very difficult to clean. The material used to make this type of flap also has a tendency to warp, crack, and fade from exposure to the sun and cold weather.

We use an opaque pet door flap for several reasons. We have determined there is no evidence that a transparent pet door flap is easier for your pet to locate and use. Our goal is do design a pet door flap that provides you and your pet with as many benefits as possible. A pet flap that doesn’t allow light to pass through will prevent the beacon scenario mentioned above from happening. In other words, our pet door flap doesn’t attract insects or unwanted animal visitors.

Another benefit our opaque flap offers is in the materials we use to create it. We hand sew marine grad canvas over a thermal rubber material. The thermal rubber provides many insulating benefits and its is extremely flexible and easy for your pet to use. This flap will not warp, crack, or fade and has been tested in temperatures ranging from -40 to 160 degrees F.

The canvas coating is scratch resistant which prevents an area for bacteria to build up. This canvas material is very easy to clean and disinfect. In reality, whether or not a pet door flap is transparent or opaque is of no importance to your pet. If pet safety, quality and thermal properties of the pet flap material, and preventing insect or animal infiltration, is important to you aFreedom Pet Pass pet door maybe what your looking for.

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“Snake Proof” your pet door, snakes will come through a pet door that doesn’t seal

Does your pet door seal airtight or are there any gaps that a snake can fit through? Pet doors are commonly overlooked access points for snakes, and must be sealed or removed to prevent snakes from entering your home. Outdoor and indoor/outdoor cats and some dogs capture and kill millions of frogs, lizards, snakes, and birds each year, and are often responsible for bringing snakes into homes – usually through pet doors!

This is an actual e-mail conversation with a customer. Please excuse the language. This is as authentic as it gets.

Customer – “So will these doors keep the heat out when it is 115 degrees outside?  Will your materials warp in the sun?  Will it lose color?  Will it keep them big bull diamond backs out of my living room?   What is to stop all them damn fiddle back spiders from rippin into my ass?  Is the door Star rated?

The pet door line looks very attractive. We are looking to get a fence put up in our yard for Simba “the dog” and one of your doors would work in our garage back door.”

Freedom Pet Pass – “Great to hear from you.  How funny!  Yes, we got your back and your butt covered!  It will keep the 115 degrees out, will not warp or lose color.  We recommend the new cedar door mount to keep the snakes and spiders out.  We are not yet energy star rated but are sold by energy star partners.   Energy star will not favor a single manufacturer for testing, there needs to be several pet door manufacturers that can produce a seal comparable to ours.”

Customer – “This is no joke.  I am out in Lawton, Oklahoma and I have been here now for 15 months.  One night I thought I had a snake in my apartment!  Did you know you can feel your heart beat in your face cheeks?”

Imagine finding out bugs, snakes, or other creepy things coming in though your pet door. I’m glad my pet door seals airtight. Invest in a pet door that seals and you will have the peace of mind knowing that snakes and bugs stay outside. Unless your pet brings them in. Look around to learn more about the best sealing pet door you can install into your home.

If you have a similar story to share please post to comments.

If you want to read more about how to “snake proof” your home read this interesting piece. Dealing With Snakes – Preventing Negative Encounters

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Benefits of having a pet door

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mohandas Gandhi

One of our missions is to improve the quality of life for pets. A pet door does benefit your pet several different ways. We hope you choose to enhance the quality of life of your pet by installing a pet door whether or not you choose to purchase a Freedom Pet Pass. Here are some benefits of having a pet door according to industry experts:
Health Benefits That A Pet Door Provides Your Beloved Pet

  • Very uncomfortable for your pet to hold it for extended periods of time
  • Helps keep your pet active enabling him to stay fit and trim exercising outside throughout the day
  • The outdoors provides your pet with mental stimulation which helps keep your pet alert
  • Reduces problem behavior resulting from boredom
  • Boredom results in problem behaviors such as compulsive chewing of objects in your home
  • Freedom can improve pet confidence and attitude

Safety That A Pet Door Provides Your Best Friend

  • Allows pet to excape from danger inside such as a fire or dangerous intruder
  • Allows pet to escape from danger outside such as unpredictable weather

A Pet Door Helps Your Pet Protect Your Home

  • Allows your pet to check on unusual noises
  • Allows your pet to scare off intruders


A Pet Door Will Make Life Better For You As Well

  • No more scratches on your doors or walls
  • Fewer accidents indoors
  • Less barking
  • Fewer walks are necessary because your pet will exercise outdoors when your gone
  • No more opening doors for your pet
  •  Less likely to need expensive kennel services

Many experts agree that pet doors are actually good for your pet. Pet doors give your pet self-esteem by giving him freedom to move about the house and outdoors as he pleases. It also assists in overcoming common behavioral issues such as housebreaking, destructive chewing, excessive barking, and clawing and scratching furniture.

As convenient as it may be having a pet door please make sure that it does not become something that will disassociate you from your pet’s life. Much of the simple everyday interaction between you and your pet is exactly what forms a bond between owner and pet.  Little things such as walks, giving him a treat, and spending time together are very important.

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Wind no longer blows dog door open…another great pet door review

We really appreciate the feedback about the energy efficient dog door we manufacture and hopes this helps solve a very common problem of dog door pet flaps blowing open and leaking air. Maybe you can relate to the following pet door review. All she wants is a dog door that stops the wind.

“Hi Brian,

I just got my new dog door installed today and it is magnificent.  After years of a dog door that blew more wind into the house than you could believe, despite putting new magnets and trying everything we could to make it work, I finally have a dog door that keeps my bedroom warm and toasty.  Last week it was freezing in here, and today it is super warm (I have a woodstove in the next room, but with the old dog door, it didn’t have a chance.).  I worried when I ordered yours that it would not work any better than the old one, but the high quality is immediately clear just on seeing the door, and now that it is in the door, I am so grateful that you figured out how to make a dog door that actually stays closed.  And my dog immediately learned how to use it even though it is a bit different looking from the old one.  I don’t have a digital camera so I can’t post photos, but if anyone has an outside door that has panels in the lower half, my handyperson figured out a great way to install it and I’m sure he’d be willing to share that with anyone else.  I actually was so blown away by how good it was, that I wanted to write this review so others who discover your door via the web will know it’s as good as you promised.  Thanks so much!”
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Frustrated with other dog doors, finally found the solution

Here’s a review we recently received:

Hopefully you guys make a ton of money! After arriving yesterday, my dog door is installed and works flawlessly. No air infiltration, quieter and the design is better than anything else on the market.

After installing this one today, I counted the number of dog doors I have installed in my life [7 counting one I put in our barn and a total of 4 different brands] and  the Freedom Pet Pass door was the easiest to install. Pictures in your instructions or a video of an install would probably help some people. I did remove my house door to make the cut but reinstalled to fit the dog door into the door.
I’m also not convinced that your door is more expensive when you factor in heat loss of other brands, and the number of replacement flaps that I typically have had to install (on average, 2 a year). I have three German Short hairs and the door seems to be no challenge at all.

I was worried since they can see through the old door but not the Freedom Pet Pass Door. if you need a distributor or representative in the Mid Atlantic let me know what your terms/requirements are. You can also use me as a reference.

I own my own company so I know feedback is important and also nice to hear. Anyway, just wanted to report back and let you know how happy I am.  Sorry to be so long winded but my old dog door has frustrated me for years. I’ll send a picture of the inside as well. Thank you and Happy New Year.”

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Worried about other animals using your dog door?

If you install a dog door with a clear plastic flap or install a dog door that leaks air, all of them do, there is a chance other animals may attempt to use your dog door. The chance of this happening is much higher if you live in a rural area. There is a solution to this problem. Install a dog door that seals airtight that offers a pet flap that is opaque, a pet flap that blocks light from passing.

  • Animals rely heavily on their sense of smell, therefore, if the dog door seals airtight the wild animals will not investigate the area. A pet flap that leaks even a small amount will attract animals to investigate.
  • During the night, some animals are drawn to light and a clear pet flap acts as a beacon attracting unwanted animal visitors to your home to investigate. An opaque pet flap that seals airtight keeps light from passing through and keeps animals from approaching.

There is only one dog door that seals airtight. The Freedom Pet Pass dog door. The Freedom Pet Pass energy efficient dog door offers and opaque pet flap that blocks light and radiant energy. This energy efficient dog door might be just what you are looking for if you are concerned about animals using your dog door.

Did you install a dog door that leaks and has an unwanted animal visitor entered your home?