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Feedom Pet Pass Recognized as Regions Best Small Business

From humble beginnings to a pat on the back, Freedom Pet Pass was recognized as the region’s best small business. All the success our company has had is centered on a passion to deliver the customer the absolute best sealing and most energy efficient pet door they have ever seen.

We truly want to wow the customer with respect to the quality and craftsmanship put into each dog door and cat door that we ship. This philosophy is working. We are proud to say we haven’t had a single return to date.

We are knocking on the doors of some major players in the home sealing arena and they are answering because we are the pet door energy experts prefer and recommend. Freedom Pet Pass pet doors are changing the game. We look forward to receiving our patent soon. You will be reading about that next. Thank you everyone who supports our energy efficient pet doors.

Here is a small excerpt from the article published in the Bay City Times. Click here for full article

Algar, 52, whose company manufactures a line of pet doors under the name Freedom Pet Pass, will be recognized by the MSBTC as the Great Lakes Bay Region’s best small business for 2010.

“It’s the first-ever energy efficient pet door,” said Brad Algar, son of Brian, who is in charge of marketing and the company’s Web site.

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Access Magnetics, LLC has up for state award in Michigan from MI sbtdc

Last month we received a letter from the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center informing us that Access Magnetics, LLC has been selected as one of thirteen small businesses out of 15,895 competing companies. The letter reads as follows:

March 8, 2010

Greetings and Congratulations!

“Your small business has been selected as one of thirteen best small businesses of the year, Access Magnetics, LLC has been selected from among 15,895 companies we provided with confidential counseling and training last year.

Access Magnetics, LLC was chosen not only upon the basis of its success in terms of sales, employment and business strategy, but also on the company’s economic impact, and of course the involvement of the MI-SBTDC in providing assistance to reach those goals.

Please join us on April 29, 2010 at the Lansing Center for a pre-awards “Best Small Business” presentation. Preceding the presentation there will be a pre-reception to the Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awards presentation, which you are also invited to attend.

The MI-SBTDC regional director and/or business counselor that provided you with assistance will be attending the dinner. the evening will begin with the “Best Small Business” presentation at 4:00, Michigan reception at 5:00 pm, dinner and MCSB awards presentation to follow at 7:00 pm.”

I am very proud of my family for pursuing their vision to provide passionate pet owners the first ever energy efficient pet door. This truly is a family business and every day brings a new challenge, a new conversation, and a new idea to implement. One thing does stay the same. We will always focus on building a remarkable pet door that will exceed your expectations. Because of this fact, we will continue to grow.