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Daily Pet Sitter Rates For Your Dog Are Expensive. Pet Doors Are The Solution.

Daily rates for pet sitters to let your dog outside or excersise them are very expensive and the solution to this problem is simple. Looking for a simple way to save your money? Install a dog door for your pet.  Pet sitters typically charge per visit anywhere from $12 – $28 a visit depending on where you live. Good luck finding the $12 an hour pet sitter.

Many pet sitters offer a flat daily rate as low as $45 a day. Lets say you live in an area that the pet sitter is charging just $30 a day. You found a deal. You hire the pet sitter to watch your dog while your at work for 5 days a week and for this service you only pay $600 dollars a month. Assuming you have 2 weeks off a year and during those two weeks you play doorman for your buddy you will need this service 50 weeks out of the year.

Your special pet costs you $7,500 a year in pet sitting fees. And that is a based on the lowest of low pet sitting pricing.

Is that reasonable? Imagine if your dog could let himself outside to go to the bathroom and get some excersise. And it cost you less than $400, saving you about $7,100 in the first year. And that is if you find one hec of a deal on a pet sitter. If you are spending a small fortune in pet sitting fees to your pet sitter consider installing a dog door.

Saving money as a result of firing your pet sitter is just one of the many outstanding benefits a dog door offers both you and your dog. Take a look around and see what you have been missing. Post your pet sitting fees to comments.

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What does a draft free seal and a thermal pet flap offer?

Freedom Pet Pass offer weather tight pet doors that provide your companion a portal to the backyard while conserving energy, lowering your utility bills, reducing noise and pollutants, improving indoor air quality, keeping the weather out, and improving the comfort of your home. The energy efficient qualities have been tested and documented by an independent Energy Star engineering firm.

Veterinarians approve of our innovative Thermal Flaptm that provides safe flexible freedom for your pet to come and go as they please. What we offer is a leak proof pet door that is the most energy efficient pet door of its kind, that pets can use on their own terms, without compromising home energy costs, consumption, and comfort.

And all of our customers are completely satisfied. We still haven’t had a single return. We are very thankful that they are spreading the word. It takes the effort of all us that share the same world view to spread a message about a new product; an amazing product that is radically better at what it does than any of its kind.

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Benefits of having a pet door

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mohandas Gandhi

One of our missions is to improve the quality of life for pets. A pet door does benefit your pet several different ways. We hope you choose to enhance the quality of life of your pet by installing a pet door whether or not you choose to purchase a Freedom Pet Pass. Here are some benefits of having a pet door according to industry experts:
Health Benefits That A Pet Door Provides Your Beloved Pet

  • Very uncomfortable for your pet to hold it for extended periods of time
  • Helps keep your pet active enabling him to stay fit and trim exercising outside throughout the day
  • The outdoors provides your pet with mental stimulation which helps keep your pet alert
  • Reduces problem behavior resulting from boredom
  • Boredom results in problem behaviors such as compulsive chewing of objects in your home
  • Freedom can improve pet confidence and attitude

Safety That A Pet Door Provides Your Best Friend

  • Allows pet to excape from danger inside such as a fire or dangerous intruder
  • Allows pet to escape from danger outside such as unpredictable weather

A Pet Door Helps Your Pet Protect Your Home

  • Allows your pet to check on unusual noises
  • Allows your pet to scare off intruders


A Pet Door Will Make Life Better For You As Well

  • No more scratches on your doors or walls
  • Fewer accidents indoors
  • Less barking
  • Fewer walks are necessary because your pet will exercise outdoors when your gone
  • No more opening doors for your pet
  •  Less likely to need expensive kennel services

Many experts agree that pet doors are actually good for your pet. Pet doors give your pet self-esteem by giving him freedom to move about the house and outdoors as he pleases. It also assists in overcoming common behavioral issues such as housebreaking, destructive chewing, excessive barking, and clawing and scratching furniture.

As convenient as it may be having a pet door please make sure that it does not become something that will disassociate you from your pet’s life. Much of the simple everyday interaction between you and your pet is exactly what forms a bond between owner and pet.  Little things such as walks, giving him a treat, and spending time together are very important.