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Energy efficient dog door featured on another premier home sealing website is a website a company that strives to help you save money, conserve energy, and improve the comfort and performance of your home by sealing drafts and air leaks from a number of often overlooked and hard to fix sources. offers several energy conservation products for the home that are designed to stop drafts through the five most overlooked intentional openings in the house: the attic stairs, the whole house fan, the fireplace, the clothes dryer, and the bathroom fan. added another intentional opening, the dog door.

I read about this company and I am very impressed by the media attention given to this company for the innovative, energy saving products they develop and distribute. products have been featured on programs such as Good Morning America. The Do It Yourself (DYI) network and HGTV also feature products. Freedom Pet Pass energy efficient dog doors are again being recognized as the leader in energy efficient dog doors. The Freedom Pet Pass dog door allows zero air infiltration and seals better than any other dog door. Consumers wanting to buy an energy efficient dog door know for certain who makes the dog door they want to install into thier home to save energy and save money. Please visit and learn about other home sealing products that will save you money. is an easy to use website that offers a great deal of helpful links to learn even more about saving energy and energy efficiency. If you have a dog door installed in your home now is a good time to replace that leaky dog door that allows drafts into your home with a dog door that seals airtight and saves you money. Seal in the comfort of your home with a Freedom Pet Pass energy efficient dog door.

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