Replacement Parts

(28 customer reviews)

Free shipping available in contiguous US
Expedited & worldwide shipping available

Replacement Parts

(28 customer reviews)

Free shipping available in contiguous US
Expedited & worldwide shipping available

Ordering Instructions

Step 1 - Determine the Parts Needed

Look at the sticker on the top of door on the side that faces outdoors.

Newer models of the product will have a model number listed (C, S, M, or L). Older models will have no model number.

If you have a model number, you can proceed to ordering your replacement part using the model number. If you have no model number listed, you will have to take one more step.

Step 2 - Measure the Pet Opening
(only needed for No Model doors)

If you do not have a model number, this means that you have our “old style” pet door, which requires a slightly different part than our newer style.

To get the correct size part, you will have to give us a measurement so that we know what size door you have. Measure the width (left to right) of what we call the pet opening. The pet opening is the smallest area that your pet can pass through. It is the inside width of the flap seal (the width of the chocolate-colored flap that is visible). It should be one of the following:

  • 6” (15 cm)
  • 9” (23 cm)
  • 11” (28 cm)

Note the width, and then place your order.

28 reviews for Replacement Parts

  1. Mayra Shuman

    Good day,

    I purchased the SHIELD Door-Mounted Dog Door June 2021 for $489.00 for our 2 German Shepherds. We live in north Florida and the door faces the sunny side of the house. Our door has worked great, but like other comments the flap seal is being pulled out and it looks like it’s beginning to warp. Since the door leads to an air-conditioned space, we are are concerned about air loss. Before we spend an additional $60 for a new seal. Can you please share how to fix this problem permanently ref. William Boucher Feb 2022 response?

  2. Duff Seaney (verified owner)

    Great customer service. I was provided with the broken clamp that was causing my flap seal to fall out free of charge. This will definitely help with sealing problems.

  3. Stephen Boreham (verified owner)

    We live on the west coast in the south west of England. Fully exposed to strong winds and driving rain as we are right by the ocean. The flap has been on for sometime and we are very pleased with it. Both dog and cats use it. One problem is the cat likes to stick her claws into the door and pull it open, before looking around and exiting. So the door/ flap becomes ragged.
    We have recently had a uPVC door fitted with a flat bottom panel 28 mm thick. As a consequence i had to manually saw off approximately 20 mm from the thickness . This done I was able to install new flaps and put the unit into the thinner door panel. However as we are by the sea I noticed the screws were badly rusted, so I substituted stainless steel screws of my own. The cats and dog will have to get used to the change of colour, as I bought black replacements. I also sprayed the outer frame white to match the door. Over all we are very pleased with this product as we cannot find a flap in the UK which performs as well.

  4. John

    I have 4 Black labs that blast through this door many times a day. Super strong and well made. I have two of them and they are commercial grade.

  5. Jeff Youell

    Very well made and attractive door that seals well. I have four large dogs and they give the door a workout. I was also impressed with great support from the staff. They answered questions and were kind enough to supply some small parts that I broke adjusting the door. Five star rating is well deserved.

  6. Jon Joles (verified owner)

    The best dog door I have every owned. I’ve replaced parts on it now and it was a breeze to fix after our “baby dog” German shepherd decided to basically eat the whole door 1 night. I loved just buying the replacement parts I needed and not a whole new door (and you know the big brands would have changed the dimensions just a little bit and it would be basically a brand new install with cutting and stuff) – serious time and $$ saver! There is no other door I would recommend now, Thanks!

  7. Duff Seaney (verified owner)

    I like the door but the seal and flap are not durable. This is our second door I put one on my sons house 3 years ago and one on my brand new house 2 years ago. In both cases the rivets on the outer seal popped out and the flap failed after about 20 months of use.

  8. Duff Seaney (verified owner)

    Love the dog door but the flaps are not durable. Put one on my brand new house 2 years ago. Rivets on the seal popped out and door is failing. This is the second door for us. I put one on my sons house 3 years ago and we had the same thing happen. We have two labs my son has one.

  9. William Boucher

    I wanted to love this, but the flap seal falls out of the door as my big dogs go in and out. They aren’t pulling it out, but it seems they catch on the flap seal somehow as they go through the door and the seal winds up on the ground. Without the seal in place, there’s a visible space about the flap for cold air to come inside, and any wind at all comes right through the door (the flap seal is magnetic and is supposed to hold the flap closed, when it’s there to do so). I can push the ends of the seal back up into their slots in the top bar, but they come back out easily. I’ve been putting it back together daily but have given up. The dog door is on the outside door to the laundry room (laundry room to dog yard). To keep my heating bills lower I’m now closing the inside door (laundry room to home interior) and stuffing a rolled up towel along the bottom of that door to keep the cold wind isolated to the laundry room.

    • djlove (verified owner)

      Mr. Boucher contacted our customer service after leaving this review, and we assisted him to permanently fix the problem.

  10. Caroline Hinshaw

    Give this product ten stars. Absolutely everything that has been said I agree!

  11. Alanna

    We have cold winters and big XL dogs that are rough on things. This door keeps out -50 and strong winds. It stands up to extreme weather and giant dogs. Best investment for our lifestyle and weather.

  12. Carole (verified owner)

    We’ve had this door for about 8 months. It withstood a winter in interior Alaska, which regularly has crazy winds and below zero temps. We got the XL size, because our biggest dog is a Great Dane. He can go in and out easily. Even our corgi has no problem. Unfortunately one day the beagle decided to chew up the seal when he was outside while the cleaning lady was here. We ordered a new seal, and it got here very quickly. Sadly, the next time the cleaning lady came, he did the same thing to the new flap even though we took precautions so he couldn’t reach it. He found a way. So here we are having just ordered our second seal (also ordered the flap this time just in case), hoping he doesn’t do it a third time! I will say it is incredibly convenient to only order parts, and not swap out the entire door. This awesome dog door keeps the cold out in the winter, and flying bugs out in the summer (except when your dog stands halfway inside and lets them in!). Thank you for making such an amazing product and having fast shipping to Alaska!

  13. Eugene O’Neal (verified owner)

    This cat door is getting a real workout here in Anchorage, Alaska. I have never seen such a quality door as this one. We have extreme cold weather in the winter time and no problems for two winters now. It is also wonderful in the summer. Thank you for making such a fine product!

  14. Liz (verified owner)

    We live in the mountains of Colorado and get high winds year-round. This is the BEST dog door we have ever owned! Great customer service on replacement part as our new 80 lb puppy chewed up the flap seal.

  15. Tracey Adair

    i just wanted to say…my original door is 10 yrs old, and while i’m glad they sell replacement parts, i’ve not had to buy any, as the original flap is just as good as new. i’ve just placed my home on the market, and will be ordering a new door for the new home. thanks for making the absolutely best door door!!

  16. Julie Irwin (verified owner)

    We locked our dogs outside using the security panel, and the dogs tore the flap seal off and scratched up the flap trying to get back in. The parts totally looked like they were in bad shape! The flap seal was all contorted on the ground half buried in the dust outside, and the flap itself was all caked in dirt and dust and looked scratched up! Once I cleaned it I could see that the scratches on the flap were just on the surface of the flap, and the flap seal took to its original shape in no time. My husband secured the flap seal back into place, and everything is as good as new. I thought we were going to have to buy new parts, and I’m glad that we don’t. Thanks for making such sturdy parts!!

  17. Donalyn Shock (verified owner)

    I want to love this door, but it is very costly. I am not sure how my Cavalier does it, but this is the second door she has chewed up in two months. I ordered the replacement outside flap and she did it again a month later. I wish it had a metal flap or something for the outside that wasn’t chewable. I can’t afford to keep replacing flaps each month. I’m going to just have to go back to the old way and let her out the regular door and close off the doggy door.

  18. cindy

    LOVE this door ..would never have any other brand this is 100% what they say ..had my door for 6 yrs

  19. Gina Reed

    I have two large German Shepherds that have long legs. We ordered the Large door and it works great. We live in an area where there is strong wind. The seal keep it closed. The only thing is it is there is a loud sound when the dogs go through and the seal lands back in place. But we are okay with that because it is important to us that the wind doesn’t open the flap.

  20. Kate Flanagan

    I called to order a replacement flap seal as my 4 dogs had managed to tear it off on one corner. Instead of selling me something I did not actually need,the CS person walked me through how to re-attach it and explained this was a safety feature to keep a dog from getting hung up in it. BEST. Company. BEST product, EVER. When I replaced my cat door, my next year’s propane bill was 400 gallons LESS. Four HUNDRED gallons. I am now going to buy one for my garage. 🙂

  21. KD Graham

    No bones about it, best darn dawg door around!! So glad I “stumbled” across the Freedom Pet Pass web site when I was researching dog doors for our 2 GSPs and our remodeled home. The 2 doors we purchased were installed in Mar 2015, helped pass a home energy efficiency inspection and have served the dogs (and us!) well. There was one problem though — completely our fault — we forgot to remove one of the inserts after having contractors on site and the little buggers chewed up the flap seal trying to get back in. I agree with another pet owner that 6 (if not 7) stars is deserving especially for FPP staff, customer service and products!! I will recommend the company AND products to anyone (who loves their furry, four-legged children) to get THE BEST pet door on the market!

  22. Linda beaver

    We tried 3 other dog doors. This one is the absolute best. Actually does stop the draft just like it shows.

  23. Jonathan Erikson

    Great door! Living in central Alberta, Canada this door withstands the coldest temperatures and brutal winter winds. Extremely happy with the product. Best, and last dog door I will own. Replacements only needed because of very rough and excited pets. Well worth the price.

  24. Mike Bettis

    The door works well, keeps the weather and cold out. Dog has chewing problem.

  25. Peter Schaming

    I am a full time home inspector and energy auditor, and have been, for 27 years. I own this door in mu house, and recommend it to all animal loving, energy conscious clients, 5 to 6 days a week. My own door stands up to severe use, with 4 (sometimes 5 when dog sitting) active dogs. The flap seal is wearing out, but with the use, I am surprised it has lasted this long. I have seen them all during the course of inspections, and nothing on the market compares. The product deserves 6 stars.

  26. russ maddalone

    great door

  27. Phillip de Blanc

    I love this doggie door! It works perfectly and has cut down my A/C bill substantially.

  28. Nanne Kennedy


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