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We’re a little bit geeky…

We take the technicals of energy-efficiency and building science seriously, so we need a place where we can “nerd out” from time to time.

The Nerd Zone is the place on our website where we dive into the technical specifics of our pet doors. We also have interesting information on general energy-efficiency topics, as well. Please feel free to join in the discussion!

Technical Data Sheet

This sheet contains all of the specific measurements and efficiency specs for RANGER Pet Doors by Freedom Pet Pass.

ASTM E-283 Testing

This is the official testing protocol for air leakage for fenestration products (human doors, windows, skylights, pet doors, etc.). Testing at Architectural Testing, Inc. gave official air leakage of 0.03 cfm/ft2. Converted to metric, that is 0.15 L/s/m2, rounded by rule in the report to 0.2 L/s/m2.

These results are an order of magnitude better than Canada’s Energy Star requirements for windows and human doors of 1.5 L/s/m2, and demonstrate how good of a job the DoubleMag flap system does at keeping winter air outside where it belongs.

California Title 24

Issue 104 of the California Energy Commission’s Blueprint newsletter specifies how pet doors are to be evaluated for compliance with Title 24 Energy-Efficiency Requirements.

On page 4 of this issue, the Commission states that pet doors are considered doors, and they are required to have an independently-determined U-factor and an air leakage rate of less than 0.3 cfm/ft2. The Freedom Pet Pass energy-efficient pet door beats that by an order of magnitude.