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Frustrated with other dog doors, finally found the solution

Here’s a review we recently received:

Hopefully you guys make a ton of money! After arriving yesterday, my dog door is installed and works flawlessly. No air infiltration, quieter and the design is better than anything else on the market.

After installing this one today, I counted the number of dog doors I have installed in my life [7 counting one I put in our barn and a total of 4 different brands] and  the Freedom Pet Pass door was the easiest to install. Pictures in your instructions or a video of an install would probably help some people. I did remove my house door to make the cut but reinstalled to fit the dog door into the door.
I’m also not convinced that your door is more expensive when you factor in heat loss of other brands, and the number of replacement flaps that I typically have had to install (on average, 2 a year). I have three German Short hairs and the door seems to be no challenge at all.

I was worried since they can see through the old door but not the Freedom Pet Pass Door. if you need a distributor or representative in the Mid Atlantic let me know what your terms/requirements are. You can also use me as a reference.

I own my own company so I know feedback is important and also nice to hear. Anyway, just wanted to report back and let you know how happy I am.  Sorry to be so long winded but my old dog door has frustrated me for years. I’ll send a picture of the inside as well. Thank you and Happy New Year.”

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