RANGER Pet Doors for Walls (cats)

(2 customer reviews)

Free shipping available in contiguous US
Expedited & worldwide shipping available

RANGER Pet Doors for Walls (cats)

(2 customer reviews)

Free shipping available in contiguous US
Expedited & worldwide shipping available

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In general, most cats can use the Standard cat door without problem. For the very largest cats (Maine Coons, etc.), the Mega cat door may be easier to use. While most of our sizing information is targeted at dog owners (dogs are much more sensitive physiologically to door sizing than cats), you can use the same instructions to test different sizes for your cats: Pet Door Sizing

SizeExample CatsPet OpeningRough OpeningDoor Size
MegaVery large cats9” x 13”
(230 mm x 330 mm)
12¾” x 17¾ ”
(325 mm x 450 mm)
12¼” x 17”
(310 mm x 435 mm)
StandardMost cats6” x 10”
(155 mm x 255 mm)
9¾” x 14¾”
(250 mm x 375 mm)
9¼” x 14”
(235 mm x 355 mm)

Pet Opening – The smallest opening through which your cat will have to pass when using the door. This dimension is used for properly sizing the door for your cat.

Rough Opening – The size of the hole in your door needed to accommodate the Freedom Pet Pass cat door.

Frame Size – The overall size of the frame on the pet door; the footprint of the cat door on your human door.

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In-stock doors ship same day* from our production facility in Bay City, MI. Your exact shipping costs and timelines can be calculated once you add your product(s) to the cart.

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Freedom Pet Pass ships around the world via both postal and UPS Air.

Postal shipping takes 6-10 days to reach your country + time spent in customs + delivery in-country. During the delivery process, your country’s postal authorities will collect taxes owed in your locality. This includes VAT and GST.

UPS Air will take 2-7 days to reach the delivery address, depending on country and service level selected. Customs are cleared electronically. We will collect a Tax Payment Fee to pre-pay all taxes  on your behalf, including VAT and GST, so your door will arrive with no COD or any other hassle.


*Orders for in-stock doors received on a regular business day with UPS Ground, 3-Day Air, 2-Day Air, and Next-Day Air shipping before 3:30 PM Eastern will ship out same-day. A “best effort” will be made to ship orders for in-stock doors received between 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM the same day. In-stock orders for delivery via US Postal Service will ship the same or next business day. In-stock orders with free shipping may be consolidated prior to shipping. Ready-to-build doors or made-to-order doors will ship the day they are assembled.

Air Leakage

0.03 cfm/sq ft
0.15 L/s/m2

ASTM E-283, “Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, and Doors Under Specified Pressure Differences Across the Specimen


0.61 Btu/(hr·ft2·°F)
3.5 W/(m2·K)

Installation of any wall-mounted pet door involves putting a hole in the exterior envelope of your home and should therefore be done with great care. Always consult building codes and get proper permits. If you are unsure about your abilities, contact a licensed contractor.

The Freedom Pet Pass wall-mounted pet door is designed to install and trim out much like a vinyl window. This allows for a code-compliant and energy-efficient installation using techniques that are well-established. This project requires moderate-to-advanced DIY skills or professional installation.

Our doors come with illustrated written instructions, and there are step-by-step video instructions available here: link.

Freedom Pet Pass cat doors are engineered to last for years and years with minimal maintenance and come with a 3-year limited warranty against malfunction due to manufacturing or material defects.

If you’re having any problems at all with your door, don’t hesitate to contact us, whether your door is in warranty or if you’ve had it for 10+ years. We’re here to help for the lifetime of your cat door.

Freedom Pet Pass takes pride in providing only quality, energy-efficient pet door products. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item within 30 days of delivery, subject to the following return policy:

  • This return policy is for doors bought from Freedom Pet Pass directly. Doors bought through distributors or retail outlets must be returned through the place of purchase.
  • Please contact us prior to sending a return.
  • All items must be received in like-new and resellable condition. Doors that have been installed are not eligible for return.
  • Return shipping is customer’s responsibility. We recommend purchasing insurance and using a shipping mode that allows for tracking of packages.
  • Once a return is received, the door will be inspected. Upon passing inspection, a return will be issued.
  • Customized orders are not eligible for return.
  • Returns that do not meet these criteria will be subject to restocking fees and/or rejection of the return.

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If you choose UPS air shipping, we will charge a Tax Payment Fee and pre-pay taxes on your behalf to give you a landed cost. You will not be charged anything additional during the delivery process.

DoubleMag™ Seal Technology

15X better than Energy Star standards

Pet door air leakage/ efficiency comparison chart, shows pet doors compared to Energy Star window and door requirements

Avoid Leaky Pet Doors

Most dog and cat doors are extremely leaky, which leads to cold, drafty rooms and high energy bills. In fact, over 90% of the energy loss from conventional pet doors comes from air leakage – letting cold air directly into your home. The RANGER cat door by Freedom Pet Pass with DoubleMag seal is virtually airtight, so it keeps winter air outside where it belongs.

15X Better than Energy Star

The DoubleMag seal is so good, third-party lab testing showed that it is 15X better at preventing outside air from coming in than US Energy Star requirements for human doors.

500X Better than Other Pet Doors

Other brands pet doors don’t actually make a seal. Even those with a “double flap” or magnets to “keep the door closed” aren’t good enough, because they don’t actually seal out the wind and drafts. Lab testing with the “best selling” pet door shows how much better RANGER cat doors by Freedom Pet Pass perform. Under official testing conditions, the competitive door leaks over 16 cubic feet of air per minute per square foot. That’s over 500X worse than the RANGER cat door standard of 0.03 cfm/sq ft!

Insulated Cat Doors

Insulated Flap Seals Out Extreme Temperatures

FLIR Image - Freedom Pet Pass vs Aluminum Pet Door

Left – Standard aluminum-framed pet door
Right – RANGER by Freedom Pet Pass insulated pet door

Outside temperature was -1° F (-18° C) and indoor temperature was 55° F (13° C). Oranges, yellows, and whites are areas of relatively warm temperature, while purples and blacks are areas of relatively cold temperatures. Temperature scale is on the right of the image.

Insulated Flap System

RANGER cat doors by Freedom Pet Pass have a thick, insulated flap to reduce conductive heat loss, which is heat loss through material. Made for cold weather, the flap components will stay flexible and functional to -40 and below.

Insulated Frame Material

The cellular PVC used in our frame is 3,000X more insulating than the aluminum material used in the frames of lesser kittie doors.

Zero Drafts

With pet doors, most energy loss comes from convective heat loss – cold air blowing in around a poor seal. The airtight DoubleMag seal on RANGER cat doors eliminates air leaks.

Independent Lab Testing

Actual lab data - not marketing hype

ASTM E283 testing on medium Freedom Pet Pass energy-efficient pet door
Freedom Pet Pass door being tested at Architectural Testing, Inc., a qualified Energy Star certification laboratory

Many cat doors “claim” energy-efficiency with bogus comparisons and no proof.

RANGER cat doors by Freedom Pet Pass have extensive independent laboratory testing that prove how efficient they are.

Our doors are evaluated using the same tests that are used for Energy Star certification for windows and human doors, and the results show that RANGER cat doors are 15X better at blocking outside air than requirements for human doors.

Made from the Best Materials

Engineered from the best raw materials for a rugged, long-lasting door

Features of Freedom Pet Pass wall-mounted pet door

Cellular PVC Frame – Strong, weatherproof, and mold-resistant, and 3,000X more insulating than metal frames used on lower-end cat doors.

Rugged Flap System – The insulated flap system is made from premium materials for maximum energy-efficiency, pet safety, and durability. The flap has an insulating SBR rubber core, protected with marine-grade canvas on each side. The flap seal is made from thermoplastic polyolefin, a material also used for industrial roofing

Locking Security Panel – The included locking security panel can safely keep your pets inside or secure your pet door when you’re away for extended periods. The “up-and-in” insertion of the panel means no additional clearance is needed around the pet door.

note: to prevent injury to pets and damage to the door, do not use the security panel to lock your pets outside.

New Construction

The Pet Door Made for New Construction

Freedom Pet Pass New Constrtuction

Engineered for New Construction

RANGER wall-mounted pet doors by Freedom Pet Pass are made for new construction applications and major remodels. They are designed to be installed at the same time as windows and doors using the same techniques.


Builders will appreciate the window-like design that allows for the use of sill pan flashing, and the included nail fin will allow them to properly integrate the pet door into the weather barrier system.


All RANGER cat doors come with energy-efficiency ratings attached for easy reference by code officials.

Questions and Answers

Absolutely! We have many multi-pet households where small dogs and/or cats share a door with their big brothers and sisters. When purchasing the door, you want to size and mount the door so that your biggest dog can use it properly. From there, you may need to provide some accommodation to help your smaller pets use the door (like our Pet Step).

Pretty much any cat has the physical capability to open a RANGER Pet Door. If your pet can push open an unlatched interior door, he or she is capable of using a RANGER Pet Door.

All RANGER wall-mounted cat doors include a locking security panel. When the panel is in place, the pet door is roughly as secure as a locked door or window. Not impenetrable, but difficult to access without breaking something.

Yes, very well. There has never been a report of an unwanted animal entering a home through a RANGER Pet Door by Freedom Pet Pass.

Smaller animals, like mice, snakes, bugs, etc. do not have the physical capability to overcome the DoubleMag™ airtight seal even if they wanted to do so.

Larger critters, like skunks, possum, etc. do not use the RANGER cat door by Freedom Pet Pass because of a combination of lack of incentive and danger signals.
The opaque, insulated, and airtight flap system on the RANGER cat door mean that inside light, smells and temperatures stay inside where they belong.

To wild animals, the RANGER cat door is no different than any other section of wall or door. Without the draw of inside light and/or food scents, there is nothing attracting them to the pet door area. The only smell present will be that of your pets, and this is a danger signal to wild animals.

With nothing enticing animals to the pet door and your pet’s odor actively discouraging them, wild animals avoid the RANGER cat door. We have never received a report of a wild animal entering a home via the RANGER cat door by Freedom Pet Pass.

No. The insulated flap system on the RANGER cat door by Freedom Pet Pass remains free and flexible to -40° and below. Low-end doors often use plasticized PVC flaps that can become brittle and crack at temperatures regularly experienced in the northern US and Canada. The premium SBR rubber core and marine-grade canvas used in the flaps of RANGER Pet Doors do not have that issue.

RANGER cat doors by Freedom Pet Pass are manufactured in Bay City, MI using locally-sourced components and labor. Over 85% of our purchases are from vendors within 150 miles of our production facility, and over 95% of the value of our product originates from North America (US and Canada). The screws are the only components not made in the North America.

The cellular PVC frame of RANGER Pet Doors is very paintable. While the material accepts any exterior paint, best results are achieved with vinyl-specific paints. Search “paint Azek” for tons of tips and tricks (Azek is a popular brand of cellular PVC).

No part of the flap system is paintable.

RANGER Pet Doors by Freedom Pet Pass offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you open the package and are unhappy with the product, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. Returned products must be in salable (uninstalled) condition to qualify for a refund.

RANGER Pet Doors have a limited 3-year warranty against failures due to manufacturing or raw material deficiencies.

We stand behind our products for the long term. Even if your door is outside of warranty, don’t hesitate to write or call. We can often help fix doors without the need to buy anything.

Unfortunately, no we are not. Energy Star does not currently have standards for pet doors, so it is impossible for any pet door to be Energy Star approved at this time.

That being said, we don’t think that a lack of Energy Star standards for pet doors should stop them from being energy-efficient. Our approach is to use the same tests that Energy Star requires for windows and human doors on our pet doors. We have also had our doors tested at an independent laboratory that is approved for running Energy Star testing for windows and human doors.

The results of that testing have led us to be the first and only pet door to be meet pet door standards laid out under California’s stringent Title 24 building code (in fact, we exceed them by a factor of 10!). Our doors have also been included in hyper-efficient certified Passive Houses. We also think the results show that the performance of our pet doors compares very nicely with the performance of Energy Star doors and windows.


Want to see 150+ reviews, complete with photos and extended customer feedback? Check out our reviews page.

2 reviews for RANGER Pet Doors for Walls (cats)

  1. Jill

    I purchased a cat door a little over 3 years ago. It is very well made and works great, however, my cats have never been able to open it. I have had to take the door flap off and leave it open to my garage. I returned to the site to see if there was a flap replacement because I was tired of hot or cold air blowing in. There is nothing wrong with the door and it is very well made. I do recommend it, but my cats just will not push it open. I give my cats only one star…

    • djlove

      Hi Jill – Maybe we can help upgrade the star rating for your kitties! One thing to try is to take the flap seal (black outermost piece that has the two magnets) and tie it up and out of the way for an interim period. This can help the cats get used to using the door. Then, when you put it back into place, you can put a clothespin on it to prevent it from completely sealing. This interim step can sometimes be the key. Once the cats are used to that, you can transition to having the complete airtight seal. If you have questions or wish to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  2. Kate Flanagan

    I have one cat door and one dog door in my house. Best ever! In one year alone that cat door saved me over 400 gallons of propane and no, that is NOT a typo four HUNDRED gallons! Paid for itself 3 times over! Now I’m buying one for my garage. I live in Nebraska and these doors are perfect for our blustery winters. It might seem expensive but when you look at the savings, you can NOT lose.

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