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Wind no longer blows dog door open…another great pet door review

We really appreciate the feedback about the energy efficient dog door we manufacture and hopes this helps solve a very common problem of dog door pet flaps blowing open and leaking air. Maybe you can relate to the following pet door review. All she wants is a dog door that stops the wind.

“Hi Brian,

I just got my new dog door installed today and it is magnificent.  After years of a dog door that blew more wind into the house than you could believe, despite putting new magnets and trying everything we could to make it work, I finally have a dog door that keeps my bedroom warm and toasty.  Last week it was freezing in here, and today it is super warm (I have a woodstove in the next room, but with the old dog door, it didn’t have a chance.).  I worried when I ordered yours that it would not work any better than the old one, but the high quality is immediately clear just on seeing the door, and now that it is in the door, I am so grateful that you figured out how to make a dog door that actually stays closed.  And my dog immediately learned how to use it even though it is a bit different looking from the old one.  I don’t have a digital camera so I can’t post photos, but if anyone has an outside door that has panels in the lower half, my handyperson figured out a great way to install it and I’m sure he’d be willing to share that with anyone else.  I actually was so blown away by how good it was, that I wanted to write this review so others who discover your door via the web will know it’s as good as you promised.  Thanks so much!”

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  1. I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship of my new cat door. Installation was straightfoward following the enclosed instructions and came out perfect. Over the years I have made my house very energy efficient and this door is the perfect solution to compliment the work I have done. Thank you for an excellent product. You do get what you pay for if you know what it is you are looking for.

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