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What does a draft free seal and a thermal pet flap offer?

Freedom Pet Pass offer weather tight pet doors that provide your companion a portal to the backyard while conserving energy, lowering your utility bills, reducing noise and pollutants, improving indoor air quality, keeping the weather out, and improving the comfort of your home. The energy efficient qualities have been tested and documented by an independent Energy Star engineering firm.

Veterinarians approve of our innovative Thermal Flaptm that provides safe flexible freedom for your pet to come and go as they please. What we offer is a leak proof pet door that is the most energy efficient pet door of its kind, that pets can use on their own terms, without compromising home energy costs, consumption, and comfort.

And all of our customers are completely satisfied. We still haven’t had a single return. We are very thankful that they are spreading the word. It takes the effort of all us that share the same world view to spread a message about a new product; an amazing product that is radically better at what it does than any of its kind.

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