RANGER Pet Doors for Walls (dogs)

(36 customer reviews)

Free shipping available in contiguous US
Expedited & worldwide shipping available

RANGER Pet Doors for Walls (dogs)

(36 customer reviews)

Free shipping available in contiguous US
Expedited & worldwide shipping available

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Size Chart - extra Large dog doors, large dog doors, medium dog doors, and small dog doors

Sizing notes:

  • Too big is better than too small – if a dog has to squeeze through an opening, it can put dangerous stress on his or her back and knees.
  • Size for your tallest dog – buy and mount the door for your tallest dog, and make accommodations to assist smaller pets (such as the Pet Step accessory).
  • For tall dogs, the door should be off the floor – most dogs lift their feet up when they walk, naturally going through a door several inches off of the floor with ease.
  • If you’re not sure, do some testing – we suggest performing a simple simulation at home so you can quickly and easily see how well your dog will react to any of our doors.

SizeExample DogsPet OpeningRough OpeningDoor Size
XLGreat Dane, Great Pyrenees, Mastiff16'' x 23''
(405 mm x 585 mm)
21⅛'' x 29”
(540 mm x 740 mm)
20⅝” x 28¾”
(525 mm x 730 mm)
LargeLab, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Husky11'' x 17''
(280 mm x 430 mm)
14¾” or 14½''* x 21½”
(375 mm x 545 mm)
14¼” x 21”
(360 mm x 535 mm)
MediumBeagle, Brittany Spaniel, Scottish Terrier9” x 13”
(230 mm x 330 mm)
12¾” x 17¾ ”
(325 mm x 450 mm)
12¼” x 17”
(310 mm x 435 mm)
SmallShih Tzu, Havanese, Yorkie6” x 10”
(155 mm x 255 mm)
9¾” x 14¾”
(250 mm x 375 mm)
9¼” x 14”
(235 mm x 355 mm)

Pet Opening – The smallest opening through which your dog will have to pass when using the door. This dimension is used for properly sizing the door for your dog.

Rough Opening – The size of the hole in your door needed to accommodate the Freedom Pet Pass dog door.

Frame Size – The overall size of the frame on the pet door; the footprint of the dog door on your human door.

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Air Leakage

0.03 cfm/sq ft
0.15 L/s/m2

ASTM E-283, “Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, and Doors Under Specified Pressure Differences Across the Specimen


0.61 Btu/(hr·ft2·°F)
3.5 W/(m2·K)

Installation of any wall-mounted pet door involves putting a hole in the exterior envelope of your home and should therefore be done with great care. Always consult building codes and get proper permits. If you are unsure about your abilities, contact a licensed contractor.

The RANGER wall-mounted pet door is designed to install and trim out much like a vinyl window. This allows for a code-compliant and energy-efficient installation using techniques that are well-established. This project requires moderate-to-advanced DIY skills or professional installation.

Our doors come with illustrated written instructions, and there are step-by-step video instructions available here: link.

RANGER dog doors are engineered to last for years and years with minimal maintenance and come with a 3-year limited warranty against malfunction due to manufacturing or material defects.

If you’re having any problems at all with your door, don’t hesitate to contact us, whether your door is in warranty or if you’ve had it for 10+ years. We’re here to help for the lifetime of your dog door.

RANGER by Freedom Pet Pass takes pride in providing only quality, energy-efficient pet door products. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item within 30 days of delivery, subject to the following return policy:

  • This return policy is for doors bought from Freedom Pet Pass directly. Doors bought through distributors or retail outlets must be returned through the place of purchase.
  • Please contact us prior to sending a return.
  • All items must be received in like-new and resellable condition. Doors that have been installed are not eligible for return.
  • Return shipping is customer’s responsibility. We recommend purchasing insurance and using a shipping mode that allows for tracking of packages.
  • Once a return is received, the door will be inspected. Upon passing inspection, a return will be issued.
  • Customized orders are not eligible for return.
  • Returns that do not meet these criteria will be subject to restocking fees and/or rejection of the return.
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If you choose UPS air shipping, we will charge a Tax Payment Fee and pre-pay taxes on your behalf to give you a landed cost. You will not be charged anything additional during the delivery process.

DoubleMag™ Seal Technology

15X better than Energy Star standards

Pet door air leakage/ efficiency comparison chart, shows pet doors compared to Energy Star window and door requirements

Avoid Leaky Pet Doors

Most doggie doors are extremely leaky, which leads to cold, drafty rooms and high energy bills. In fact, over 90% of the energy loss from conventional pet doors comes from air leakage – letting cold air directly into your home. The RANGER Pet Door by Freedom Pet Pass with DoubleMag seal is virtually airtight, so it keeps winter air outside where it belongs.

15X Better than Energy Star

The DoubleMag seal is so good, third-party lab testing showed that it is 15X better at preventing outside air from coming in than US Energy Star requirements for human doors.

500X Better than Other Pet Doors

Other brands pet doors don’t actually make a seal. Even those with a “double flap” or magnets to “keep the door closed” aren’t good enough, because they don’t actually seal out the wind and drafts. Lab testing with the “best selling” pet door shows how much better RANGER dog doors by Freedom Pet Pass doors perform. Under official testing conditions, the competitive door leaks over 16 cubic feet of air per minute per square foot. That’s over 500X worse than the RANGER dog doors by Freedom Pet Pass standard of 0.03 cfm/sq ft!

Insulated Dog Doors

Insulated Flap Seals Out Extreme Temperatures

FLIR Image - Freedom Pet Pass vs Aluminum Pet Door

Left – Standard aluminum-framed dog door
Right – RANGER by Freedom Pet Pass insulated dog door

Outside temperature was -1° F (-18° C) and indoor temperature was 55° F (13° C). Oranges, yellows, and whites are areas of relatively warm temperature, while purples and blacks are areas of relatively cold temperatures. Temperature scale is on the right of the image.

Insulated Flap System

RANGER dog doors by Freedom Pet Pass have a thick, insulated flap to reduce conductive heat loss, which is heat loss through material. Made for cold weather, the flap components will stay flexible and functional to -40 and below.

Insulated Frame Material

The cellular PVC used in our frame is 3,000X more insulating than the aluminum material used in the frames of lesser doggie doors.

Zero Drafts

With pet doors, most energy loss comes from convective heat loss – cold air blowing in around a poor seal. The RANGER dog door’s DoubleMag seal eliminates air leaks.

Independent Lab Testing

Actual lab data - not marketing hype

ASTM E283 testing on medium Freedom Pet Pass energy-efficient pet door
Freedom Pet Pass door being tested at Architectural Testing, Inc., a qualified Energy Star certification laboratory

Many dog doors “claim” energy-efficiency with bogus comparisons and no proof.

RANGER dog doors by Freedom Pet Pass have extensive independent laboratory testing that prove how efficient they are.

Our dog doors are evaluated using the same tests that are used for Energy Star certification for windows and human doors, and the results show that RANGER dog doors are 15X better at blocking outside air than requirements for human doors and windows.

Made from the Best Materials

Engineered from the best raw materials for a rugged, long-lasting door

Features of Freedom Pet Pass wall-mounted pet door

Cellular PVC Frame – Strong, weatherproof, and mold-resistant, and 3,000X more insulating than metal frames used on lower-end dog doors.

Rugged Flap System – The insulated flap system is made from premium materials for maximum energy-efficiency, pet safety, and durability. The flap has an insulating SBR rubber core, protected with marine-grade canvas on each side. The flap seal is made from thermoplastic polyolefin, a material also used for industrial roofing

Locking Security Panel – All wall-mounted RANGER dog doors come with a locking security panel. The “up-and-in” insertion of the panel means no additional clearance is needed around the pet door.

note: to prevent injury to pets and damage to the door, do not use the security panel to lock your pets outside.

New Construction

The Pet Door Made for New Construction

Freedom Pet Pass New Constrtuction

Engineered for New Construction

RANGER wall-mounted dog doors are made for new construction applications and major remodels. They are designed to be installed at the same time as windows and doors using the same techniques.


Builders will appreciate the window-like design that allows for the use of sill pan flashing, and the included nail fin will allow them to properly integrate the pet door into the weather barrier system.


All RANGER dog doors by Freedom Pet Pass come with energy-efficiency ratings attached for easy reference by code officials.

Questions and Answers

Absolutely! We have many multi-pet households where small dogs and/or cats share a door with their big brothers and sisters. When purchasing the door, you want to size and mount the door so that your biggest dog can use it properly. From there, you may need to provide some accommodation to help your smaller pets use the door (like our Pet Step).

RANGER wall-mounted pet doors can be installed into a wall of any thickness.

This is because they are designed to install and trim out very much like windows. Any excess wall cavity can be easily trimmed with jamb extensions or drywall wrap, just like the windows and human doors in your home.

Pretty much any dog or cat has the physical capability to open a RANGER Pet Door by Freedom Pet Pass. If your pet can push open an unlatched interior door, he or she is capable of using a RANGER Pet Door.

All wall-mounted RANGER dog doors by Freedom Pet Pass come with a locking security panel. When the panel is in place, the pet door is roughly as secure as a locked door or window. Not impenetrable, but difficult to access without breaking something.

Yes, very well. There has never been a report of an unwanted animal entering a home through a RANGER Pet Door.

Smaller animals, like mice, snakes, bugs, etc. do not have the physical capability to overcome the DoubleMag™ airtight seal even if they wanted to do so.

Larger critters, like skunks, possum, etc. do not use the RANGER Pet Door because of a combination of lack of incentive and danger signals.
The opaque, insulated, and airtight flap system on the Freedom Pet Pass door mean that inside light, smells and temperatures stay inside where they belong.

To wild animals, the RANGER Pet Door by Freedom Pet Pass is no different than any other section of wall or door. Without the draw of inside light and/or food scents, there is nothing attracting them to the pet door area. The only smell present will be that of your pets, and this is a danger signal to wild animals.

With nothing enticing animals to the pet door and your pet’s odor actively discouraging them, wild animals avoid the RANGER Pet Door. We have never received a report of a wild animal using a RANGER Pet Door by Freedom Pet Pass.

No. The Freedom Pet Pass insulated flap system remains free and flexible to -40° and below. Low-end doors often use plasticized PVC flaps that can become brittle and crack at temperatures regularly experienced in the northern US and Canada. The premium SBR rubber core and marine-grade canvas used in the RANGER Pet Door flaps do not have that issue.

Yes, but it’s complicated and can be expensive. You will need to work with a specialized glass contractor (glazier); this is not a do-it-yourself job. We recommend speaking with your contractor prior to ordering the door, as he or she may want the pet door customized in some way or another to make the installation easier. We are more than happy to work with your contractor to get you the door that you need.

RANGER dog doors by Freedom Pet Pass are manufactured in Bay City, MI using locally-sourced components and labor. Over 85% of our purchases are from vendors within 150 miles of our production facility, and over 95% of the value of our product originates from North America (US and Canada). The screws are the only components not made in the North America.

The cellular PVC frame of the RANGER Pet Door by Freedom Pet Pass is very paintable. While the material accepts any exterior paint, best results are achieved with vinyl-specific paints. Search “paint Azek” for tons of tips and tricks (Azek is a popular brand of cellular PVC).

No part of the flap system is paintable.

RANGER Pet Doors by Freedom Pet Pass offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you open the package and are unhappy with the product, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. Returned products must be in salable (uninstalled) condition to qualify for a refund.

RANGER Pet Doors have a limited 3-year warranty against failures due to manufacturing or raw material deficiencies.

We stand behind our products for the long term. Even if your door is outside of warranty, don’t hesitate to write or call. We can often help fix doors without the need to buy anything.

Unfortunately, no we are not. Energy Star does not currently have standards for pet doors, so it is impossible for any pet door to be Energy Star approved at this time.

That being said, we don’t think that a lack of Energy Star standards for pet doors should stop them from being energy-efficient. Our approach is to use the same tests that Energy Star requires for windows and human doors on our pet doors. We have also had our doors tested at an independent laboratory that is approved for running Energy Star testing for windows and human doors.

The results of that testing have led us to be the first and only pet door to be meet pet door standards laid out under California’s stringent Title 24 building code (in fact, we exceed them by a factor of 10!). Our doors have also been included in hyper-efficient certified Passive Houses. We also think the results show that the performance of our pet doors compares very nicely with the performance of Energy Star doors and windows.


Want to see 150+ reviews, complete with photos and extended customer feedback? Check out our dog door reviews page.

36 reviews for RANGER Pet Doors for Walls (dogs)

  1. Bruce – Fairbanks, Alaska (verified owner)

    I have now owned this door for about 2 years now and am really satisfied with my purchase. There are a few problems to note the brass rivets exterior flap are kind of week and pull through quite easily. (maybe something that needs redesigned) When this happens the exterior flap will get pulled off the door and require replacement. Its bad enough i keep a spare one in my house. With 4 dogs in the house this door gets a lot of use and we live in the arctic environment where we will see -50 through out the winter. That said the support from this company has been nothing but exceptional with there support. If i email them a problem i will usually have a reply back within the day or early the next morning.

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Great for 2×4 wall. Need to do quite a bit of altercations for 2×6 construction. Also, plans are just for 2×4 construction. You need to know a little bit about framing to install in a 2×6 wall. It would not be super difficult for them to make a door for 2×6 walls. I’d imagine that people that buy this door are very concerned about efficiency such as 2 x 6 walls.

  3. Patricia A Bowcock

    We purchased a large sized door for our Husky while the size was great, ingress and egress was easy for her, however when locked out there were too many areas for her to grip the flap and destroy the door in less than 30 days. A complete redesign of the flap and the many gripping areas is a must. This is a VERY expensive door and was a complete disappointment.

  4. Miguel ibarra (verified owner)

    Well, I have to say I was DISAPPOINTED at first when I installed the door. The small flap would stay open as soon as one of the dogs would go through it and the air draft from outside would hold it open and no not hard winds because I live south of Fort Worth. I was more disappointed when my Pomeranian chewed on the corner of the flap because it was staying open. Then I decided I wanted to try something else and flipped the door with the outside on the inside part , it has a stronger magnet. So I changed it and it has worked excellent. I would say that this company needs a little modifying on the flaps and magnet of the inner small door that ways I wouldn’t have been aggravated at paying the high price and thinking it wasn’t going to work. ( Miguel from Texas).

    • djlove

      Miguel – Thank you for your purchase and honest review! Sorry to hear about the issue you were seeing with the flap staying open. That is not normal at all, and I suspect it could have been fixed relatively simply by contacting us. Changing the direction of the door is fine, but typically not recommended, and I don’t think that’s what actually solved the problem. Contacting support would have almost certainly have yielded a simpler solution. Glad you’ve got it fixed in a way that is working for you, though. Also, just to clear up a slight inaccuracy, the magnet-to-magnet seal is always as strong or stronger from the outside –> in than it is from the inside –> out.

  5. Norm

    We just ordered a replacement flap and seal. I think the door has been in around 12 years. We live in KS where it gets chilly in the winter and the wind blows. This door has held up great with two dogs in and out. I’ve tried other doors before I found this one but this one is exceptional. It is definately worth the cost. You folks make a great product!

  6. Robert (verified owner)

    Nice door, But doesn’t fit flush w modern built homes. There is a 3-4” difference between wall and dog door entrance. Unable to use lock device that is part of the door. If I were to recommend I’d suggest folks to buy an adjustable wall dog door for better fit and finish especially in this price point. No would not recommend.

  7. C. Arnold (verified owner)

    This dog door is absolutely worth the money! I live in the mountains in AZ and it is windy all year round & cold in the winter. This door stays closed even on the windiest days and no snow or rain has ever leaked through the door. I do use the shield at night because we have some pretty big raccoons & skunks. I have a 45lb Blue Heeler and she loves her door!! She has no problem going through it, even when she was a little pup. I did hire a professional to install the door in a wall. He said it was easy to install and was quite impressed with the sturdiness of the door. Overall, my dog and I couldn’t be happier with this door. I shared this website with several friends who are interested in buying a door for their dogs after seeing ours. Thank you for a great, American made, product.

  8. Jen (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough great things about this door! We’re in Michigan so it arrived the day after ordering. It was easily installed by my husband once February day and he had to run out for supplies mid-project, leaving the door installed but not yet sealed or trimmed. You could see daylight around the door and still could not detect ANY air coming in around it! Our 11-year-old dog figured out how to use it pretty quickly and it takes just a gentle nudge from his nose but seals tightly after entering and exiting. Would absolutely order again!

  9. Pat

    I’m buying a second door for our new house (third door overall). This is the second house we are installing one of your dog doors in. In our first home the door was about 4 feet from my side of the bed – in the Rocky Mountains at 8200 ft above sea level. The flaps never blew open and I never felt a draft – worked great, so we have high hopes for this one in the new house. Now we are at only 7100 ft elevation, but in a much windier area, so we are hoping it works as well here too!

  10. Brenda Rasmussen

    The door is solid construction and looks nice too.

  11. Dustin

    We just bought our door a month ago for a French Bulldog and a Pit-mix. One is 30 lbs and the other is about 60. This door seals tight, I love it! We live in the country and the wind is bad most of the time. I put it on a side of the house where the wind doesn’t blow too hard though. I’ve used Hale doors in the past and there is always a draft coming through it. This door has little to no draft. We are finding that we have to retrain the dogs to use it because it’s not clear (see-through) anymore. The older Frenchie has it figured out but the Pit just can’t figure out how to get back inside. It is a full dog door flap on the way out but when you come back in, the dog needs to know they can’t push the very bottom of it because of the magnet. He’s having a hard time with that. I’m sure he’ll eventually figure it out, but just be warned, it is not clear and is scarier for certain dogs. The other advice I can give is to not get frustrated with your pet. If you do that, it will ruin the dog and they are much harder to train.

    We plan to get another one that will go directly on the side of the house where there is wind. We plan to get the XL door and I will post another update to show how it performs.

    The install was actually very easy and was my first dog door installation. I am a DIY’er but if you have the right tools, it’s not bad. I will buy another one of these. They are quite expensive but worth it for the energy savings alone.

  12. Judy Ronan Woodburn

    The pet doors arrived quickly and in good condition.

    Before installing the I worked on training my dogs to go through the frame, then added on flap at a time. This went well.

    I had the doors installed by a professional carpenter. He found the installation video helpful,especially the tips about insuring that they were installed at the correct height for the dogs.

    I’m pleased with the energy efficiency.

    My dogs are gradually learning to use the pet doors, rather than relying on me to let them out, as we have done for years. They are making good progress.

    Definitely would recommend these pet doors!

    . . . . . . . _o
    . . . . . . . . <,
    . . . . . ( ) / ( )

  13. Tim

    I love these doors so much I bought two of them. One to enter through the garage doors ( I can keep them closed at all times now ) and one to enter the mud room. Both hold a tight seal all year long and are very durable. More importantly the dogs love them.

    I had what appeared a break with the outside flap. It became detached and looked like the entrance was damaged and caused door failure. I contacted the company and the owner gave me s few simple instructions and I was back in good shape like new. These doors are built to be repaired, not replaced.

    I have two dogs and they are a bit hard on them but they work like new and they are 4 plus years old.

  14. Kathryn Roosa

    I installed a pet door in my drafty farm house this past winter much to the delight of my two Newfies. This past summer I had a major energy efficiency upgrade done on the house that involved putting drywall over previously unfinished walls, including the one where the dog door was installed. Since during the renovation I could not have the dogs coming in and out freely, I blocked access to the door from the outside and and did not cut out the opening in the drywall from the inside. We did a post-renovation energy audit and blower door test with the dog door still sealed behind the drywall. THEN, we immediately cut the opening in the drywall to re-expose the dog door and were pleased (but not surprised) to find that there was no change in the blower door test reading!

  15. john d rice

    The door itself is very nice.That being said, it is not set up to install. I had to adapt it and construct the framing. This also meant putting the pet door in so that the cover was not usable. n adapter kit and hardware would improve this product greatly.

    • RANGER Support

      One of the misconceptions that is rampant in the pet door industry is that it is acceptable to just punch a hole in the wall and throw in a pet door without proper framing. This is a very bad idea for any through-wall pet door, even if that’s what other manufacturers have in their instructions. Proper rough opening framing with stud material should be a part of any wall-mounted dog door installation, just as it is for windows, doors, and skylights. Don’t just take our word for it, check with any licensed contractor or your local building code.

      Regarding the security panel not being usable, Mr. Rice chose to install the pet door backwards for some reason (exterior side of pet door toward the interior of the house). This is not recommended or necessary. Consult our installation instruction videos for information for a code-compliant and energy-efficient door installation.

  16. Candace Jackson

    Easy for my two small dogs to use. The flap has a strong magnetic pull. My carpenter installed it with a beautiful frame. We are very happy with it.

  17. Ken Post

    Just want to say that you make awesome, weather tight dog doors. I live in Alaska and we get some strong wind and the door performs well.

  18. Candy G

    This is the best dog we have ever owned. We liked it so much we bought one for our daughter. In all we have bought 3. Only reason is we moved and needed another. I would not purchase any other dog door after owning this. Best of all when we had a problem the owner contacted me instantly solved our problem after e-mailing back and forth a few times. Mr. Love is the nicest person.

    Very kind and to be honest he could have sold me another dog door but instead he helped me fix the small problem we had. That door is very very well built. It really is built to last.

  19. BowserMan

    Junk. Don’t buy this crap. Buy a [brand removed] instead. Their doors are so much better. You can buy them at [URL removed].

    Freedom Pet Pass note: We have no record of this customer actually buying a door. We think this was left by an unscrupulous competitor. However, we don’t want to remove a possibly real review either. We removed the competitor’s information, but left the review up for future customers to consider.

  20. Robin Bowyer & Robert Wegener

    We received our dog door sooner than anticipated. My husband got it installed quickly and easily and trimmed it out so beautifully we refer to it as “Colby’s Entrance.” There is no longer a hot wind heating up the house and the air conditioner can hold a temperature of 76 degrees – something that has been impossible previously. The amount of leaf litter and insect life coming in has halted. We are sleeping better as the door is such a tight seal the street noise is gone. We only wish we had found this years ago. It is the first thing we show our visitors! Thank you so much- Robin &Robert

  21. Marta Terry

    We (Dogs) love the pet pass wall door. We ordinarily just have two Cocker Spaniels that use the door until recently. Our Border Collie had a front leg amputated is temporally indoors. She has no problem using the door that is actually a little too small for her. Amazing that she can learn so fast to walk on three legs and maneuver the pet door. A good testament for the ease of use for your door. Very durable, and wind and weather proof!! After scanning the web for quality doors I found and chose your product. So happy I did!!! Thanks for your prompt service.

  22. Paul Anderson

    I painted the frame of the door to match the trim color of the house. There was a dog door in that wall before but it was damaged and the parts were not available to repair it. This door is much more weather tight.

  23. Roni Hanson

    Although maybe a bit high in price, this product is what I expected. I ordered the large and mounted on the wall. If you plan on mounting yours on the wall, plan on spending $20-$50 on supplies to frame it in. All in all very satisfied with this purchase.

  24. Olivia Lee

    Hi, I purchased a door earlier this year based on the hope that it would hold up to the harsh Fairbanks winters. So far we have seen temperatures drop to -47 degrees Fahrenheit and there’s no draft! A little frost forms from my dogs going in and out, but it is just amazing! A severe wind storm took out some trees in our yard and blew open an attic hatch that was NAILED in, but the darn dog door didn’t budge. Thank you for making such a great product!

  25. Dennis Deis

    This is a fantastic door for the dogs. Gives them their freedom and keeps the cold out. When we go away, the security door assures us the house is safe!

  26. Laney Kuhn – Denver, CO

    Just wanted to drop a note to say we LOVE our Freedom Pet Pass door – we installed it in June 2011 and it is still going strong. Absolutely love it. We’ve actually got a piece of foamboard insulation that we put in the opening at night instead of the locking door, which makes it warmer than the wall it’s in. Go figure. Thank you so much and best regards.

  27. Candy Griffus

    Hi. We got our dog door. All I can say is just how much we love it. The other dog door made so much noise every time the dogs went in and out. Also, the area around the old dog door was really cold in the winter. I can only imagine how much heating and cooling we lost with the old door. I really wish I had found your dog door before I purchased what I was told was a dog door that sealed. The only thing that was a draw back but not really was the size of the door. It really was bigger than 11 by 17. We are fine with that just had to enlarge our opening a bit. Just want to tell you again how happy we found your website and found that door. Love, love, love it! Thank-you for getting it here so fast.

    Freedom Pet Pass note: the 11” x 17” measurement for our large is the pet opening, which is the smallest opening through which your pet goes. This is the important opening for determining which size your pet needs. The rough opening size, used for cutting the hole in your door or wall, is larger to accommodate the frame.

  28. Barb Field, Manitoba, Canada

    I purchased your large wall mount pet door in October of this year. Got it installed in November. It is working really well. My German Shepherd, Lady Boo zooms in and out with no problem. Her goal in last few days is trying to bring a long tree branch into the house. Hopefully she won’t figure it out! So far we have had some extreme weather, with the temp getting to as cold as -40 degrees Celsius for 2 or 3 days and nites in a row. I have not had any problems, just a small amount of frost forming on the bottom of the flap inside. I use a hair dryer to melt the frost, and clear up the moisture and fur with a paper towel. Haven’t noticed any drafts. So far so good.

  29. Susan, Long Island

    I live on Eastern Long Island where we had high winds due to Hurricane Sandy. I purchased a dog door from your company in August and had it installed into the side of my house. During the entire storm the door flap did not even shimmy in the slightest! I am so happy at the efficiency of this product and will highly recommend to anyone who has a pet. Thank you for a quality product as well as stellar customer service.

  30. Julie Burgess

    Our handy guy came today and installed the door. We had a few issues structurally, but with our house, not the dog door. The dogs were used to having a dog door, so it will be an easy transition, although the fact that it’s a bit harder for them to push open will just be something they will need to get used to. Our older dog definitely has it down and it’s only been about 2 hours since our guy left. The younger dog will have it by tomorrow as long as he keeps watching the older dog. We were both remarking at what a difference it’s already making in our walk out basement, no draft, and already a whole lot warmer! Thanks so much, we look forward to our dogs using it for years to come and for us staying warm!

  31. Kathy Smith – Gilbert, AZ

    I have been meaning to email you as we have had this awesome pet door in for a big part of our summer and love that it keeps out the heat. We have only noticed one problem and that is the boys, Einstein and Ziggy often enjoy just looking out it. Lol. Thank you so much for this door.

  32. Todd Fleeman

    ——- editor’s note: this testimonial was received after we resolved an issue that this customer was having with installation ——-

    …that just confirms everything I’ve told everyone about Freedom Pet Pass and the company. We love your product and have always received excellent service. This just takes that service to another level. You guys are fantastic. We always make sure to spread the word about your doggy doors anytime we hear of someone looking into one or questioning one. We are convinced you make the best dog door out there and we can also say that you offer far superior service.

  33. Lydia Spicer, Australia

    Last year I purchased the Large Locking Pet Pass Dog Door for the wall, and was really impressed with the attention I received that enabled me to make choices and have it sent to Australia. After xmas I managed to get some time and installed the door myself. To do it myself took overall about 1 week, but only 2 days to have the door installed and secure, the rest was to finish off, paint etc. What a great product, no more drafts coming into my home, my dogs quickly adapted and used the door and even better, this door my large Lab Trixie cannot crash her way through. Thanks again for your professionalism and assistance.

  34. Tim Thomas – Waterford, VA

    We moved to a new house and had to leave our old Freedom Pet Pass door there…I ordered another for the new house and finished the install today. Once again, thanks so much. Your dog doors are, hands down, the best made and the easiest to install. The one we left at the old house was as good as new (even though it was 3 or 4 years old) and had been used by 2 to 4 dogs for years (german shorthair pointers). This time the door is on the windward side of the house but having experience with your doors, I know it will not be affected by the wind and rain. I recommend your doors whenever possible.

  35. Mary Priestner – Alberta, Canada

    I usually don’t write letters about products, but in this case I had to. I have had dog doors for 30 years and have never been so pleased with a product. I recently purchased your large door for my pack and I mean pack, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer, Labrador, and Boston Terrier. As I live in the country, in Alberta Canada, I have always had problems with weather as in wind and the bugs in the summer and cold as well as wind in the winter with all the previous doors. Not with this one. My husband has nicknamed the Freedom door, “Fort Knox”. It is absolutely air tight and looks great. I can’t say enough good things about it and is worth every penny. It is so nice to purchase an item online, get great customer service as well as the product as advertised. I‘ve recommended your door to everyone that I know who needs a pet door.

  36. Thad

    Four generations of my family have endured jokes about the wind in the valley we call home. This winter has been especially blustery and drafts coming thhrough our old dog door could be felt two rooms away. I hated to spend so much on a new dog door from a manufacturer I had never heard of but the Freedom Pet Pass lives up to every claim on the website. It seals tightly and I have not seen or felt the wind open it yet our miniature schnauzer navigates through it with ease. It is a very well made product with a great design and is worth every penny. Finally our dog door is a match for the extra insulation, Energy Star Windows, compact fluorescent lighting and ground source heat pump we have installed to improve our energy efficiency. I recommend it without reservation.

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