RANGER Pet Doors for Doors (dogs)

(48 customer reviews)

Free shipping available in contiguous US
Expedited & worldwide shipping available

RANGER Pet Doors for Doors (dogs)

(48 customer reviews)

Free shipping available in contiguous US
Expedited & worldwide shipping available

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Size Chart - extra Large dog doors, large dog doors, medium dog doors, and small dog doors

Sizing notes:

  • Too big is better than too small – if a dog has to squeeze through an opening, it can put dangerous stress on his or her back and knees.
  • Size for your tallest dog – buy and mount the door for your tallest dog, and make accommodations to assist smaller pets (such as the Pet Step accessory).
  • For tall dogs, the door should be off the floor – most dogs lift their feet up when they walk, naturally going through a door several inches off of the floor with ease.
  • If you’re not sure, do some testing – we suggest performing a simple simulation at home so you can quickly and easily see how well your dog will react to any of our doors.

SizePet OpeningRough OpeningFrame Size
XL16'' x 23''
(405 mm x 585 mm)
20¾” x 29”
(530 mm x 740 mm)
21¾” x 30”
(550 mm x 760 mm)
Large11'' x 17''
(280 mm x 430 mm)
15” x 21½”
(380 mm x 545 mm)
16” x 22½”
(405 mm x 570 mm)
Medium9” x 13”
(230 mm x 330 mm)
13” x 17½ ”
(330 mm x 445 mm)
14” x 18½ ”
(355 mm x 470 mm)
Small6” x 10”
(155 mm x 255 mm)
10” x 14½”
(255 mm x 370 mm)
11” x 15½”
(280 mm x 395 mm)

Pet Opening – The smallest opening through which your dog will have to pass when using the door. This dimension is used for properly sizing the door for your dog.

Rough Opening – The size of the hole in your door needed to accommodate the Freedom Pet Pass dog door.

Frame Size – The overall size of the frame on the pet door; the footprint of the dog door on your human door.

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Air Leakage

0.03 cfm/sq ft
0.15 L/s/m2

ASTM E-283, “Standard Test Method for Determining Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, and Doors Under Specified Pressure Differences Across the Specimen


0.61 Btu/(hr·ft2·°F)
3.5 W/(m2·K)

Installation of a RANGER by Freedom Pet Pass door-mounted dog door is relatively fast and easy. Any DIYer with the right tools can do it, and it should be a snap for any professional.

Our doors come with illustrated written instructions, and there are step-by-step video instructions available here: link.

RANGER Pet Doors by Freedom Pet Pass are engineered to last for years and years with minimal maintenance and come with a 3-year limited warranty against malfunction due to manufacturing or material defects.

If you’re having any problems at all with your door, don’t hesitate to contact us, whether your door is in warranty or if you’ve had it for 10+ years. We’re here to help for the lifetime of your dog door.

RANGER by Freedom Pet Pass takes pride in providing only quality, energy-efficient pet door products. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item within 30 days of delivery, subject to the following return policy:

  • This return policy is for doors bought from Freedom Pet Pass directly. Doors bought through distributors or retail outlets must be returned through the place of purchase.
  • Please contact us prior to sending a return.
  • All items must be received in like-new and resellable condition. Doors that have been installed are not eligible for return.
  • Return shipping is customer’s responsibility. We recommend purchasing insurance and using a shipping mode that allows for tracking of packages.
  • Once a return is received, the door will be inspected. Upon passing inspection, a return will be issued.
  • Customized orders are not eligible for return.
  • Returns that do not meet these criteria will be subject to restocking fees and/or rejection of the return.
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DoubleMag™ Seal Technology

15X better than Energy Star standards

Pet door air leakage/ efficiency comparison chart, shows pet doors compared to Energy Star window and door requirements

Avoid Leaky Pet Doors

Most doggie doors are extremely leaky, which leads to cold, drafty rooms and high energy bills. In fact, over 90% of the energy loss from conventional pet doors comes from air leakage – letting cold air directly into your home. The Freedom Pet Pass dog door with DoubleMag seal is virtually airtight, so it keeps winter air outside where it belongs.

15X Better than Energy Star

The DoubleMag seal is so good, third-party lab testing showed that it is 15X better at preventing outside air from coming in than US Energy Star requirements for human doors.

500X Better than Other Pet Doors

Other brands pet doors don’t actually make a seal. Even those with a “double flap” or magnets to “keep the door closed” aren’t good enough, because they don’t actually seal out the wind and drafts. Lab testing with the “best selling” pet door shows how much better RANGER dog doors by Freedom Pet Pass perform. Under official testing conditions, the competitive door leaks over 16 cubic feet of air per minute per square foot. That’s over 500X worse than the RANGER dog door standard of 0.03 cfm/sq ft!

Insulated Dog Doors

Insulated Flap Seals Out Extreme Temperatures

FLIR Image - Freedom Pet Pass vs Aluminum Pet Door

Left – Standard aluminum-framed dog door
Right – RANGER by Freedom Pet Pass insulated dog door

Outside temperature was -1° F (-18° C) and indoor temperature was 55° F (13° C). Oranges, yellows, and whites are areas of relatively warm temperature, while purples and blacks are areas of relatively cold temperatures. Temperature scale is on the right of the image.

Insulated Flap System

RANGER dog doors by Freedom Pet Pass have a thick, insulated flap to reduce conductive heat loss, which is heat loss through material. Made for cold weather, the flap components will stay flexible and functional to -40 and below.

Insulated Frame Material

The cellular PVC used in our frame is 3,000X more insulating than the aluminum material used in the frames of lesser doggie doors.

Zero Drafts

With pet doors, most energy loss comes from convective heat loss – cold air blowing in around a poor seal. The DoubleMag seal on RANGER Pet Doors eliminates air leaks.

Independent Lab Testing

Actual lab data - not marketing hype

ASTM E283 testing on medium Freedom Pet Pass energy-efficient pet door
Freedom Pet Pass door being tested at Architectural Testing, Inc., a qualified Energy Star certification laboratory

Many dog doors “claim” energy-efficiency with bogus comparisons and no proof.

RANGER dog doors have extensive independent laboratory testing that prove how efficient they are.

Our doors are evaluated using the same tests that are used for Energy Star certification for windows and human doors, and the results show that RANGER dog doors by Freedom Pet Pass are 15X better at blocking outside air than requirements for human doors.

Made from the Best Materials

Engineered from the best raw materials for a rugged, long-lasting door

Features of Freedom Pet Pass door-mounted pet door

Cellular PVC Frame – Strong, weatherproof, and mold-resistant, and 3,000X more insulating than metal frames used on lower-end dog doors.

Rugged Flap System – The insulated flap system is made from premium materials for maximum energy-efficiency, pet safety, and durability. The flap has an insulating SBR rubber core, protected with marine-grade canvas on each side. The flap seal is made from thermoplastic polyolefin, a material also used for industrial roofing

Locking Security Panel – All door-mounted RANGER dog doors include a locking security panel. The “up-and-in” insertion of the panel means no additional clearance is needed around the pet door.

note: to prevent injury to pets and damage to the door, do not use the security panel to lock your pets outside.

Questions and Answers

Absolutely! We have many multi-pet households where small dogs and/or cats share a door with their big brothers and sisters. When purchasing the door, you want to size and mount the door so that your biggest dog can use it properly. From there, you may need to provide some accommodation to help your smaller pets use the door (like our Pet Step).

Pretty much any dog or cat has the physical capability to open a RANGER Pet Door. If your pet can push open an unlatched interior door, he or she is capable of using a Freedom Pet Pass dog door.

All door-mounted RANGER dog doors include a locking security panel. When the panel is in place, the pet door is as secure as a locked door or window. Not impenetrable, but difficult to access without breaking something.

Yes, very well. There has never been a report of an unwanted animal entering a home through a RANGER Pet Door.

Smaller animals, like mice, snakes, bugs, etc. do not have the physical capability to overcome the DoubleMag™ airtight seal even if they wanted to do so.

Larger critters, like skunks, possum, etc. do not use the RANGER dog door because of a combination of lack of incentive and danger signals.

The opaque, insulated, and airtight flap system on the RANGER dog door by Freedom Pet Pass means that inside light, smells and temperatures stay inside where they belong.

To wild animals, the RANGER dog door is no different than any other section of wall or door. Without the draw of inside light and/or food scents, there is nothing attracting them to the pet door area. The only smell present will be that of your pets, and this is a danger signal to wild animals.

With nothing enticing animals to the pet door and your pet’s odor actively discouraging them, wild animals avoid the RANGER dog door. We have never received a report of a wild animal entering a house via our pet door.

No. The RANGER dog door insulated flap system remains free and flexible to -40° and below. Low-end doors often use plasticized PVC flaps that can become brittle and crack at temperatures regularly experienced in the northern US and Canada. The premium SBR rubber core and marine-grade canvas used in the Freedom Pet Pass flaps do not have that issue.

Yes, but it’s complicated and can be expensive. You will need to work with a specialized glass contractor (glazier); this is not a do-it-yourself job. We recommend speaking with your contractor prior to ordering the door, as he or she may want the pet door customized in some way or another to make the installation easier. We are more than happy to work with your contractor to get you the door that you need.

RANGER Pet Doors by Freedom Pet Pass are manufactured in Bay City, MI using locally-sourced components and labor. Over 85% of our purchases are from vendors within 150 miles of our production facility, and over 95% of the value of our product originates from North America (US and Canada). The screws are the only components not made in the North America.

The cellular PVC frame of the RANGER Pet Door is very paintable. While the material accepts any exterior paint, best results are achieved with vinyl-specific paints. Search “paint Azek” for tons of tips and tricks (Azek is a popular brand of cellular PVC).

No part of the flap system is paintable.

Freedom Pet Pass offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you open the package and are unhappy with the product, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund. Returned products must be in salable (uninstalled) condition to qualify for a refund.

Freedom Pet Pass doors have a limited 3-year warranty against failures due to manufacturing or raw material deficiencies.

We stand behind our products for the long term. Even if your door is outside of warranty, don’t hesitate to write or call. We can often help fix doors without the need to buy anything.

Unfortunately, no we are not. Energy Star does not currently have standards for pet doors, so it is impossible for any pet door to be Energy Star approved at this time.

That being said, we don’t think that a lack of Energy Star standards for pet doors should stop them from being energy-efficient. Our approach is to use the same tests that Energy Star requires for windows and human doors on our pet doors. We have also had our doors tested at an independent laboratory that is approved for running Energy Star testing for windows and human doors.

The results of that testing have led us to be the first and only pet door to be meet pet door standards laid out under California’s stringent Title 24 building code (in fact, we exceed them by a factor of 10!). Our doors have also been included in hyper-efficient certified Passive Houses. We also think the results show that the performance of our pet doors compares very nicely with the performance of Energy Star doors and windows.


Want to see 150+ reviews, complete with photos and extended customer feedback? Check out our reviews page.

48 reviews for RANGER Pet Doors for Doors (dogs)

  1. Tara Palumbo (verified owner)

    Just amazing! We had our sliding glass doors changed to French doors using a local company. We wanted an XL dog door and this is the company they used for the dog door and I trusted their recommendation. I have 4 dogs, two large, 2 XL breeds and it works very well. We have very high winds where I live and after 6 mos of having this door, it stays closed and doesn’t let cold air in. The youngest dog started chewing on the flap, but being a puppy, I am doing what I can to mitigate it, but hope there are replacement parts.

  2. Tim Black (verified owner)

    I have owned my Large ranger dog door for 3 months. The external flap with the plastic piece at the bottom with the rivets has torn off. Air now freely flows through and the flap hits my dogs if I dont fix it. I will glue or duct tape it for now while I see if they will warrenty the flap. I will update this review after a reply.

    3 months is not a good amount of time for a $400 door. My previous $200 door lasted 12 years. I did have to repair those flaps a few times as well but not less then a 3 year period.

    The door was great while it lasted though, good cold resistence and wind resistence, and easy to use even for the chihuaua to get through.

  3. Trees (verified owner)

    I bought a large one last year for my two German shepherds. I live out in Montana where it will go below zero for weeks at a time. The door would be a little stiff when it got that cold but it still sealed reasonably well. I felt about as much cold air around it as I do my windows. The magnet strip on the door flap part started falling away shortly after one of my dogs decided the door looked tasty. They have replacement parts available for purchase if any of your dogs get ideas. Good product I’ve recommended it a couple times to some of my friends.

  4. Terrence Sullins (verified owner)

    After alot of research, I went with their door. I’m NOT regretting it.
    Excellent customer service and product arrived on time. The door and flaps are high quality and sturdy.
    Door in door installation was easy. Just watch the install videos.
    I live in Idaho and the door seals very well, to keep the cold winter air out. Far better than I expected.
    I highly recommend their products!

  5. Chad Regester (verified owner)

    After months of research and having dog doors installed in previous houses I finally decided to go with RANGER. Installation was a breeze and the quality of the door was superb to the doors I’ve had in the past. This was the first time our two dogs have ever used a dog door, training was easy and they both had it down within a week. We’ve had traditional Wyoming winds and cold and the flaps stayed shut and cold stayed out, my main concern is the door leading to the backyard is west facing and the wind 90% of the time comes out of the west blowing east. So far I’m extremely impressed with this door, you definitely get what you pay for.

  6. John Anshus

    This is a pre-review. I want one of your doors but am a bit perplexed as to size.

    We have 11, 12, & 19 # little ones and at times we watch our daughter’s 54 pound mix. She is a petite fully grown black lab, pit bull, and something else mix. Her chest is only 8″ x 8″ and her shoulder height is about 22.” She is an expert using her own dog door that has a 10″ x 15 1/2″ opening.

    Kinda hoping the medium works for this combo. Your impression?

  7. John (verified owner)

    So it’s now been eight years with this door and we’re still happy. No issues, it just does what it promises. This door was perhaps the third or fourth dog door we’ve had back there and is definitely the best we’ve had.

  8. Patrice Murphy (verified owner)

    We, like probably many, were a little hesitant to spend the money for this pet door, but after seeing so many of the pet doors my friend’s had and how they did not seal well, we decided to spend the extra money and buy one that looked to be much better quality and are we glad we did! We live in Northeast Oregon where it can and does snow as early as August and as late as June. The winters are COLD here with often a strong wind/chill factor and getting down into the negative numbers too much for my taste. This door is AMAZING. We have a German Shepherd who goes in and out of it so many times a day, I can’t count and after more than a year of this constant activity, other than her dirty nose marks on the flap (I should have gotten a different color) it looks and performs like brand new. Have I mentioned that it is amazing? Yes, it costs more, but we probably would have replaced a cheaper one at least once already and ended up with snow inside. Not to mention the freezing cold. Thanks for making such an excellent product!

  9. CT (verified owner)

    I left a detailed review under CT on August 13, 2021. This is an update. I LOVE this pet door!! Don’t look at any other brand! Adding to my positives which you can read: The number of bugs in my house has dropped to near zero. I used to have spiders all over, especially in the sun-room where the pet door is I could have vaccummed up spider-webs every day (also had constant flies, lady bugs, centipedes and crickets in that room seasonally). They are gone! The door is secure and blocks everything out. I was concerned about having to get a large to accommodate my two dogs different size and that is not a problem. The door is tight and functional.

  10. Sheldon C Ramsay

    I’m considering buying your large door to replace my existing one because when the wind blows it’s magnetic seal gives and the flap swings indoors letting in very cold air in the winter.

    What is the wind/draft resistance of your large door?
    Do you have any test data comparing it to other large dog doors on the market?

    Do you have installation specs for a large door so I can determine if modifications to the existing opening will need to be made?
    Can the height off of the floor of your large step accessory be adjusted? How many inches on the inside frame? How many inches on the outside frame?

    Thank you,

  11. CT (verified owner)

    Good Choice! I emailed with a couple of questions, which were answered promptly, and then ordered the Freedom Pet Pass size large for door installation. The door arrived the next day. It looks to be well-made and sturdy. The single flap is thick. When the unit is held flat (parallel to floor instead of perpendicular like after install) the flap remains sealed and does not drop open from the weight of the flap. I used a handyman and he did not have any problems with install. Handyman was here a little over an hour but he had to install a new human door and then the pet door. Therefore, the pet door install was approximately a half hour.

    The Freedom Pass replaced an Endura pet door (10 x 18 double flap), and I also currently have a Hale pet door (8 1/2 x 16 double flap) on an interior wall and had the same Hale model at a prior home on an exterior wall — therefore my comments are as compared to those two brands. (1) Both the Freedom Pass and Endura are made in USA – which I value and factor into my purchase decisions as often as possible; (2) I live in Ohio and all pet doors suitable for a winter climate are expensive. At $359 the Freedom Pass is comparable to the other two bands I’ve owned (currently $339 for Endura model I was replacing, and $290 for my Hale); (3) The seal on the Freedom Pass is all the way around the pet door flap. Hale has magnets at five points and is the least option of these three for a windy environment or winter cold. Hale will leak substantial cold air in winter, which is why I didn’t install it in to the outside when I bought this house after having had Hale at my prior house. Endura is sturdy and mine stayed shut with zero wind issues, and it seals fully across the bottom, but sides and top corners allow small amount of air to leak continuously. My room was always cold in winter with the Endura and I kept room closed off whenever temperatures dropped into teens or single digits. The Freedom Pass has been tested for energy efficiency and I’m expecting a warmer climate in the room with the new pet door this winter (will update after serious cold). This is the number one reason why I’ve chosen the Freedom Pass.

    Regarding dog use: (4) Freedom Pass door is quieter than the Endura and a lighter push unseals the flap than on the Endura making new door easier for the dogs to use and learn. (5) My Endura was installed 11 years ago and was still in good shape. In 2010 I had an active 60 pound dog and opening was cut with a 12 inch step-over from floor to opening. My current 45 pound dog is 10 years old with arthritis and is struggling to manage the 12 inches. I also have a 3 month old puppy who will only be 30 pounds when grown. Pet doors are measured based on the dog’s girth and hung at a young dog’s comfortable step height. Caution, I strongly advise also thinking about what your dog will be able to manage when older, and installing the bottom lower than your dog can currently manage (this has been a $850 project to lower my pet door step-over height by 5 inches because I had to buy a new human door to cut into, a new pet door, and have a contractor do an install). (6) My 10 year old has always had a pet door in this location and immediately went from outside to inside using the new door. Going from inside to outside took 24 hours and treats. My puppy had not been introduced to pet door before and is coming inside with new pet door after a day.

    Cons – I would much prefer white outside on unit frame and flap. Brown is ugly and makes the pet door stand out on white door so people will far more easily know I have a dog door. And I wish you made a door between the Medium and Large close to the size of my Hale (8 1/2 x 16) which is perfect for Springer Spaniel type dog sizes.

  12. Jaimee

    I have had this door for 6 years now and it has served 5 dogs and I can’t say enough good things about it! My husband installed it in the wall himself and it has held up better than we could have expected. We live in New England and it gets very cold here in the winter and there is never any draft from this door! Well worth the money- better than any other doggy door we have ever tried in the past and will never use another one in the future! Thank you Freedom Pet Pass!

  13. Kathy R.

    We’ve had the medium sized door for our mini schnauzers and sealyhams for over 10 years now in Virginia and the door works as well now as it did when new. Because it is harder to open, new puppies are taught to open it by pushing on it with their paws. They (3 now) all learned quickly and adapted to just using their head to open it once they got bigger. We no longer have a draft like we did with the cheap flexible flap door, and no longer have mice coming in. We plan on buying two new ones to install in our new house in Vermont because we just can’t live without the convenience and energy efficiency of them.

  14. Cathleen Hall (verified owner)

    I’ve had this door for years probably over 5-6 years. Works great and is air tight, though a little noisy upon closing. I would buy this door again.
    Thanks for a great product.

  15. Andrew Patterson (verified owner)

    I purchased this dog door some years ago now. It is brilliant and really keeps the heat in. It doesn’t move at all in the wind. The only disappointing thing is I can not find a UK seller. If buying from the UK you will need to pay import taxes just be aware!. It may be the most expensive dog door but worth it in the end.

  16. Adele Aiken

    I love this door. My dog – who is a shintzu – cockapoo mix is able to use very easily. I’m impressed with the weather proofing this door has. We get no drafts.

  17. Rachel

    I cannot say ENOUGH about how much that I LOVE this door and the quality, especially when I had a petsafe door before that was horrendous. We have had it for around 2.5 years now. It is still going super strong. It is completely insulated. No other pet door can even compare. We recently adopted a golden retriever puppy and I was really upset that she decided to chew apart the flap seal on the exterior. I thought that I was going to have to purchase a new door, (which I would have) but BEHOLD! There is a replacement part for that! Are you kidding me?! This is by far the best purchase that I’ve ever made. My friends and family are super impressed by this door because when it’s closed, you can’t even tell a door is there. They are not kidding when they state that this is energy sufficient. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

  18. Annette Howell (verified owner)

    I have been using Freedom Pet Pass for approximately 8 years and will never use any other kind. The seal on the door is remarkable, even with the last hurricane, the door flap did not blow open from the high winds. I purchased another one of these doors a couple of years ago for a different door and the quality is amazing. My dogs love it as much as I do.

  19. Debbie Fox (verified owner)

    5 star! First dog door was a small. Sold that house and buying the medium because we added a grand-pup that is larger than our fur baby. The door holds up so well with the blowing sand and high winds here in Texas. I have recommended this door to all my friends that are interested in dog doors. Superior quality worth the money.

  20. Jane D, Canada

    I would like to leave 1 of 2 reviews. 1 being my installation experience, 2 will be in the Spring after a Canadian Winter.
    For starters I was reluctant to spend the money, I read many a review and was convinced. I was tired of “extreme weather pet doors” that snapped off when the temperature got to freezing. First off, I love the fact that these doors are made in North America! The construction, quality and design are amazing. So far I feel no cold weather coming in.
    I had a contractor put mine in, where I struggled is; I followed the instructions for dog size, and where to install the door according to dog height. Unfortunately I didn’t take into consideration one of my dogs arthritic back end. She didn’t have to bend her back, but half way through she cried and cried, she couldn’t lift up her back legs to get the rest of the way through. This door is larger then previous, but previous door was a lot lower, even though she bent her back. I was devastated and so upset with myself for not making allowances for her back end. I immediately built her a ramp on either side of the door and will adjust the doggy door lower in the spring for her. Please consider your pets health when installing.

  21. Crystal

    I bought this door almost 5 years ago. I live in northen canada and -30°c or colder is queit common during the winter months. I wanted something that would keep the cold out and the heat in. It works great. Even when the wind howels out side, it doesnt let the cold in. I have had no problems with any of the parts or seal. Me and my bulldogs love this door.

  22. Dale Crowe`

    We have had this door for the past two years for our two Shia Inu dogs and it works perfectly. We are in the process of moving to a new home and one of the first things on our list is to order another Freedom Pet Pass door.

  23. Eric Bosworth

    I have a German Shorthaired Pointer that used to stand on her hind feet and open the door on her own. While I thought it was cool that she taught herself to do that she never closed it behind her. I tried to train her to close it but it didn’t work. It wasn’t a big problem in the spring and fall but in the winter and summer it was a little taxing on the HVAC system. I got another puppy and realized that I really needed a dog door. I got the large door mount door and the installation was a quick and easy. It took a little while for them to learn to use it but now I don’t know how I lived without it. I will say that when Gunner was a puppy he took things outside that I really didn’t want out in the snow… A queen size comforter comes to mind… and he tried to take the sofa cushions out but they got stuck in the door. That was the only time that I can say the door didn’t seal but that wasn’t the fault of the door. Gunner will turn 3 in July and we installed the door in the fall the year he was a puppy. Best money I ever spent. If I ever move I will either take my door with me or buy another one. The dog door seals better than the people door in which it is mounted.

  24. Janet Crafford

    I’ve had it a little over a year now and couldn’t be happier with it so far. I was reluctant at first because of the price but it was well worth the cost. We had a super cold winter last year and the door had a tight seal, I have to smile every time I hear it snap shut !! Now I have peace of mind that the girls can come and go as they please while I’m working 12 hour shifts. The only down side is I get extra dirty paw prints on the floor now ! Thanks for making this door.

  25. Tracy Thompson

    I would like to thank you for the dog door which we received a while back, as you suggested we needed to add an additional strip to pack it out slightly due to the door’s thickness (30mm) which is the standard panel for a UPVC door panel.

    The dogs have taken to using it very well, I didn’t think they would as the old one was a clear plastic panel which they could see through and the magnets were failing so there was no effort involved in getting in and out. I had my reservations as to how they would adapt but it only took 2 days. One dog would go out but wouldn’t come back in!!

    Thank you again for a brilliant product, the house is so much warmer and to my surprise a lot quieter too.

    Kind regards


  26. Bob Steinkey

    First of I want to thank you for selling such a wonderful quality product, We live in Northern Canada and your dog door is a exactly what you said it would be …….EFFICIENT! Dog loves it and so do we!

  27. Tracy Garstka

    We have had the medium Freedom Pass pet door for 3 years now. After hours of research, we decided to go with Freedom Pass because of the airtight seal. I have two basset hounds who go in and out throughout the day and night. They and my husband and I LOVE this door!!!!! I cannot say enough good things about it. The seal is still good after 3 years. I do occasionally (maybe once every 3 months) clean the magnets and the door which is super easy to do just to remove any grime and keep it looking nice. no drafts, no bugs and no critters. The door is located directly to the left of my office desk (I work from home) and I can honestly say through the winter, there is absolutely NO draft from that door! Don’t waste your time and money with any other door!!!

  28. Scott

    I thought the door was rather expensive but it was worth every penny. It is very, very well built. Almost no air leakage. Dogs LOVE it. Could not be happier with it.

  29. Jack Satterfield

    Thanks very much for the excellent dog door we ordered from you. We installed it as directed in the back door of our newly built home, and it has done a superlative job as the cold weather set in. We haven’t had a hint of draft so far, and our Welsh Springer Spaniel Bryce moves in and out with ease.

    Great product, performing as advertised. Nice work!

  30. Avi Lugasi

    I was searching for Dog door for long time, I got one that was nothing but a piece of plastic… then came across the Freedom pet pass door. The price was much higher than many of the other door but they promised different level of quality which I’m sooooo glad i trusted.

    From the first contact all was seamless. I got immediate replies from Don very personal, informative amazing service which i fined very rare even when living in one of the most service oriented countries in the world -Japan. I myself ,a travel agent, and in the service business was very impressed with Don and his way that i dedicated one of my team meeting to his replies as an example of how service should be at it’s best.

    The door works so well that i could not ask for better. even a small issue due to my wrong installation( Which by the way is also a very easy process) was solved with the kind advice of Don. The service and the product itself simply worth every dollar spent on and Don and his team makes sure the whole experience is smooth and veeeery pleasant- real pleasure !!! and I’m very happy i was not tempted for any other door compromise.

    Avi – Kyoto- Japan.

  31. John Wilson

    Have a large unit for my “small” 75 lb. huskie and 2 malamutes, one that is over 170 lb. They are in and out all day. After 3 years of abuse, I think I need to buy the replacement flap and seal. Despite the fact they pull one side of the seal off from time to time, it is a easy repair to reattach. Very durable and excellent seal. Have had competitor’s product and I think this one is the best. Worth the extra money in the long run.

  32. Chris roberts

    I have had a medium door mounted dog door for the last 2 years and it is icredible compared to the other dog doors I have used. I am about to buy a second one.

  33. Igor Kagonovich

    Greetings from Russia! Thank you very much for nice product and service. The door is already installed and dog is using it right away.

  34. A. K. Sholl

    i know this seems like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a dog door (and seriously, they are REAL PROUD of these things), but i am not kidding you, this is one of the best purchases i ever made. i have had it for almost 2 years now with my very energetic golden retriever and beagle, and it still looks and performs like brand new (needs to be wiped clean occasionally). it seals TIGHT… no air is getting past this thing. and even the hardest wind has never blown it open.
    the locking door is super easy to put on – you dont have to try to slide it perfectly straight into little side grooves.
    it’s also relatively quiet. it “snaps” shut, but i’ve had doors in the past that would swing back and forth 4 or 5 times before finally settling into place.
    the only problem i’ve had is that it’s not clear (see-through), so my dogs would stick their heads through it and just look around to see what’s going on on the other side of the door… not very energy efficient when it’s being held open by a dog’s head! but with some training, they’ve learned pretty well to stop doing that. and i do worry a little about head-on collisions since they both run through it at 90 mph. if one of them is coming in and the other is going out (or standing there in front of it), someone is liable to get knocked out cold.
    it’s expensive, but i don’t think i will EVER need to replace ANY part of it. (other vinyl and plastic doors i tried had to be replaced every couple of years)

    Quick update: been almost 6 years and it still works perfectly. No leaks, never had to repair or replace any part of it.

  35. Sherry Weiss

    I wanted to share — I love the pet door I ordered from Freedom Pet Pass. The door is so much better than the one I had before (2 see-thru flaps with magnets at the bottom). You advertisement is right on target – no wind or rain is coming in through your door! Thank you for such a wonderful product. I’m recommending it to several others I know who have thought about installing a dog door!

  36. Logan Bryce

    Your door replaced the original door and we removed the Larson Storm Door. The Mud room instantly increased in Temp and the drafts are now gone.

  37. Andrei C. Zamfir

    Absolute garbage. Would have given 0 stars if there was an option. Bought this 3 mo ago as an upgrade from and IdealPet door. The house has a large porch and it is in the Arizona desert. We get storms during the summer and the winds can be strong but nothing like a tornado or a hurricane. The flap on the door does not stay shut as advertised but rather blows right open. Moreover, the quality of the materials used on this door is pure garbage. The concept is good and it is made in the US but it’s not made right. For the money, this is unacceptable. To top it off, it is very ugly. Mercedes price and 80’s Hyundai quality. The company’s customer service is a joke. They are arrogant and do not go the extra mile to cater to the customer. Replacement parts for the door are very expensive and they do not last. We have 4 dogs, the door already looks like it’s been there years and not just a few months. Will replace the back door to the house this pretend dog door was installed into and revert back to the IdealPet door. Please do not waste your money on this product.

    Freedom Pet Pass Response: Mr. Zamfir contacted us, informing us that his dog had chewed / pulled his door apart. While damage due to destructive pet behavior is not covered by our warranty, we still issued him a coupon code for the relevant replacement part and gave him some tips for curbing that bad behavior. He redeemed the code, but never contacted us again except to leave this negative review

  38. Anna Schwartz

    Hey you dogs – You made the most amazing dog door. It’s been installed in my kitchen door for about 3-months now and never blows open in the wind. I live in an extremely windy area outside of Flagstaff AZ and it has passed (stayed closed) through 50mph winds! House may creak in the wind by the dog door stays securely shut. Thank you for making the most amazing and functional door. All 12-paws are very happy!

  39. J. Olin

    Best Pet Door EVER. I bought this door in the summer and wanted to wait until winter was upon us to write an accurate review. We live in Upstate NY and to say this winter has been bitterly cold is an understatement. 24 of the 28 days in February were below freezing (most days being in the single digits) and very windy and snowy as well. To say this door performed as described is an understatement. During all of the storms we endured, this door never moved once unless one of the dogs was going thru it. Not even a little bit. We have 2 labs and a small terrier and it’s not a problem for any of them to navigate through the flap. Wish I had invested in this door years ago. Worth every penny.

  40. MH

    Just installed my door and really works and seals out wind as promised! Installation took approx 1 Hr. I researched all the doors on the market and chose this one and i am very glad i did.

  41. Anonymous Customer

    Hello! The door was delivered in a timely manner and my neighbor, who is a handy-man, was able to install if for me in less than an hour! My beastie boyz love having their dog door back and the timing was perfect now that the weather is getting colder!

  42. loren

    could not be happier with this door. rugged and energy efficient, Had to retrain my smaller dog to use it, but it works great and has made a huge difference in my house.

  43. Kate Leese

    The only place I had room for an in-door dog door was my kitchen in an open concept livingroom. I was warned by a ton of people that I shouldn’t install a dog door because my whole main level would always be cold and drafty (I live in michigan). I searched forever for a door that would be energy efficient and not let cold air in and am so glad I found this! Almost a year later the door works great and still seals airtight. I think it’s even less drafty than having to open an actual door to let my dog out! Great product, I will buy again

  44. Luc Leonard

    This is the ultimate pet door and worth every cent. It’s never opened under high winds or let in any rain or snow. It’s super easy to install and looks good. It’s the only door that should be considered and it will be the last you’ll need to install. Great work, guys and thanks a bunch.

  45. aguenth

    I’ve owned this door for 4 years and can say with confidence that buying it was the correct choice. When you look at the different designs out there it’s really the only reasonable choice if you care about energy efficiency. They have that video with the fan and I would say that it is every bit as air tight as they advertise. I have a jack russell and a 90 pound pit/boxer mix and they both barrel through it at top speed several times a day. It is showing signs of wear after 4 years of this, but over all it’s held up pretty well. I’ve had to contact the manufacturer twice regarding issues with the door and both times they exceeded my expectations with their service.

  46. Barbara M.

    LOve the dog door…..absolutely fabulous

    Tuscon, AZ

  47. Jack Scott Dorr

    We originally purchased this door for our home in Maine and are now using the same one in Colorado. Our pair of Malamutes run in and out of this thing many, many times a day.

    It’s a sturdy, great quality pet door that does a fantastic job of keeping the weather outside. We’ve used other doors that you purchase at big box pet stores, but those weren’t much better than a loose flap hanging in your door. This product, however, is absolutely worth the money.

    Their customer service is great, too. I had a minor issue with my door after my 85 lb Malamute stepped on the flap while it was open. I emailed Brian. 15 minutes later he emailed me back with his phone number. I had him on the phone and in minutes had my problem solved. If I ever need a second pet door, it’ll be one of these.

  48. gilliguin

    I was skeptical but now I don’t know how I lived without it. I have two 5 yr old black labs and as active as they are this is a must, now they can just run outside whenever they want to. I also have one 12 yr old dog who has trouble walking and I didn’t like holding the door open for her as she takes a minute to walk up 2 stairs to get inside (and in the winter I was letting a door full of heat out) but even she uses the door, this is a life-saver.

    I was also skeptical of the seal when I saw the leaf blower demo, but it is a tight seal (as evidenced by the rather loud magnetic clap as it closes, and this never gets stuck halfway closed like I thought it might) and I put my hand around the inside of the door when it was 26 degrees out and it felt just like the rest of the room. very pleased with the product…although you can get free shipping if you go through their own web site vs Amazon

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