DoubleMag™ Seal Technology

Our doors have seals with DoubleMag Technology. DoubleMag provides an airtight seal that keeps outside air and pests outside while still making it easy for your pet to come and go.

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Energy Efficient

Our pet doors are the most energy efficient you can buy. Independent testing shows that they perform 10X better than NFRC standards for doors and windows on air leakage tests.

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Strong & Durable

We make our doors out of premium materials that can hold up to the rigors of the largest dogs and multi-pet households.

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The world’s best-performing & most energy efficient pet doors!

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Extreme airtight seal

Check out this video. We point a leaf blower directly at a Freedom Pet Pass door and turn it on high speed to see if any air makes it through the DoubleMag seal. According to Wikipedia, leaf blowers can generate wind speeds of 140 – 270 miles per hour (225 – 435 kph). Even under those extreme conditions, no air gets through the seal to affect the flame… until the seal is broken, then watch how violent the wind actually is! Our doors protect your house from outside air intrusion even under these extreme conditions.

note: The flap has to be pushed closed in the video only because of the high speed wind pointed directly at it to keep it open. Our doors close on their own unless you point a leaf blower at them 🙂


DoubleMag for Dogs  DoubleMag for Cats

No unwanted visitors

With ordinary pet doors, pests like bugs, mice, and snakes can be a problem. The DoubleMag seal on Freedom Pet Pass pet doors makes an airtight seal that pests cannot penetrate. Additionally, the opaque flap does not let light penetrate to the outside, reducing the attraction of light-seeking pests at night.

Proven performance in the worst conditions!

Final Score: Freedom Pet Pass Doors 2 | Hurricanes 0

“I just wanted to let you know that your weather proof pet door withstood the wrath of hurricane Irene. That flap didn’t move at all. My canopy on the back porch was bent like a toothpick so the winds were pretty fierce out there. IF you ever need a reference for this door just tell them to call me. It is FANTASTIC!  You are a genius to invent this weather proof doggie door. I am the one in Holtwood , Pa with the yorkies. My 7 lb yorkie can get through this with no problem. Thanks again for such a great product. It is worth every cent and more.”
– Mary Ellen Rice, Holtwood, PA

I live on Eastern Long Island where we had high winds due to Hurricane Sandy. I purchased a dog door from your company in August and had it installed into the side of my house. During the entire storm the door flap did not even shimmy in the slightest! I am so happy at the efficiency of this product and will highly recommend to anyone who has a pet. Thank you for a quality product as well as stellar customer service.
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Fierce mountain winds? No problem!

“Writing this from Loveland Colorado! Want you to know that you have an excellent pet door. We have installed one at our house in town and it does NOT leak outside air. Fact of the matter is that the temperature on the room side is the same as the room be it winter or summer! We have NEVER found it other than perfectly closed and sealed. Our cat has made a game of going in and out. It is installed on the north side of the house which is the coldest side.

We are planning on installing a second one at our mountain house on the west side, the side that the winds hit us on from the Big Thompson Canyon. We have absolute confidence in this product for that high wind application. We have hurricane force winds here in the Colorado mountains and have personally experienced over 100 mph winds. The old double flap cat door is not at all adequate and lacks the insulating properties of the Freedom Pass Door. When the wind storms come we stuff foam in the old door but when the new Freedom Pass Door goes in we can forget about having to do that! Freedom for us and freedom for the cat.

So if you are considering purchasing this product just do it! It is quality through and through and is built to last and protect your home from heat, cold and wind.”

– Maryann from Loveland

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