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Energy efficient pet door now distributed by Energy Star partner EFI

The Freedom Pet Pass energy efficient pet door  now the first and only pet door distributed by Energy Federation Incorporated (EFI). EFI is an Energy Star Partner and has grown to become one of the leading residential distributors of energy efficiency-related products in the United States. EFI believes that increased energy efficiency and energy conservation do not necessarily require sacrifices in people’s quality of life.

Indeed, more efficient products often perform better than conventional products, in that they last longer, as well as save people money through lower utility bills.

Consumers that want an energy efficient home to save money and the environment visit EFI’s website to learn which manufacturers offer the most energy efficient products in their categories. Our energy efficient pet doors are now side by side with the best of the best in the category of home air sealing and insulation products.

EFI also features a wholesale division that sells directly to contractors, builders, designers, and ECO agencies. If you fall into this category you may qualify to receive these products at wholesale.

We at Freedom Pet Pass are very proud to be the leader in energy efficient pet doors. We would like to thank EFI for recognizing us as the best sealing pet door and are humbled to be featured next to established industry leaders in home sealing. We are also excited consumers are learning the truth about home sealing and how important it is to install energy efficient products into their home. If you own a pet door see what your missing. Installing an energy efficient pet door will save energy, save the environment, and save you money. Learn more about the Freedom Pet Pass and join the movement toward saving energy.

If you are looking to make your home energy efficient visit EFI for other products that will impact the amount of energy you use and lose. Do you own a pet door that leaks? Who makes it? Did you know even pet doors with more than one flap leak air into your home? Do your homework before you install a pet door. Purchase one that is best for you.

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