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Does your pet door leak water into your home?

Does your pet door leak water into your home? You are not alone. Many pet doors do leak water into the home because they do not seal air tight. Many pet doors claim to seal well or create a weather tight barrier. However, when these pet doors are installed and exposed to wet weather you notice flaws in the “weather tight barrier”. Even if your pet door has several pet flaps all you are really getting is more than one leaky pet flap.

Freedom Pet Pass manufactures the only pet door to allow zero air infiltration which is in big part why it is know as the most energy efficient pet door you can buy. Another benefit of creating that airtight seal is the fact that rain and moisture will not penetrate the pet flap and enter your home. This is  a very important yet often overlooked benefit of a pet door. If your pet door leaks you already know what I am talking about. Here is a short video we put together to show you how well the Freedom Pet Pass performs with water shooting directly at our pet flap for over 30 minutes.

Freedom Pet Pass energy efficient pet door prevents water from leaking into your home So if you own a leaky pet door see what you have been missing. We are here to help you find an energy efficient pet door to replace your leaky pet door. Contact us if you need help or have questions. If you are shopping for a pet door for the first time read more of this blog to identify some helpful tips on what to look for when you are buying a pet door. We may not have the right pet door for you, but we may help make you aware of what features and benefits are important to you.

Does your pet door leak water into your home? Is it a door mount pet door or wall mount pet door. Who makes it? What are some important features and benefits you look for in a pet door? Did this video help show you how our pet door prevent water infiltration?

4 thoughts on “Does your pet door leak water into your home?

  1. I have a doggy door and it lets in the water; yours looks great but would it be to hard for cats to use?

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Even with our airtight DoubleMag seal, pets of all sizes (including cats) can use our doors. We even have multi-pet households where a small dog or cat shares one of our XL doors with a much bigger dog.

  2. Hi Lorena. Your situation isn’t unique. There are a lot of low-quality pet doors out there, even many of the expensive ones. We’ll contact you directly. If anyone else has a similar issue, feel free to use the Contact Us page, and we’ll work to help you out as much as we can.

  3. We have another brand of doggy door on an insert in our sliding doors. It’s leaking. So you have a product that will help?? We have spent a lot of money already…

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