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The First Pet Door Engineered for Home Performance

Pioneering a pet flap that seals airtight has made us the #1 energy efficient pet door brand in the world.  But, what also makes us unique, and in great measure has made us the #1, is the credibility we have earned in the arena of home performance and energy efficiency. Unlike our major competitors we are the first and only pet door Energy Star partners and home performance experts recommend for your home. These expert endorsements bypass the usual energy efficiency claims made by our competitors and thus ensure we offer the best energy efficient pet door you will find.

Air Leakage is the natural enemy to a pet door truly claiming to be energy efficient. Our philosophy is it takes an airtight pet flap to engineer an energy efficient pet door.

Trusted energy efficient product specialists including home performance experts, aerospace engineers, and Energy Star partners tested the sealing ability and thermal resistance our pet flap provides and determines precisely how energy efficient this pet door really is.

Freedom Pet Pass pet doors allow zero air infiltration and provide an R – Value better than many exterior windows and doors installed in residential homes. Passive House, the ones who build airtight; energy smart homes of the future have tested our pet doors and now recommend them to their clients. If this pet door is good enough for the leading home energy organization in the world you can trust it will be the last pet door you purchase for your special pet.

Passive homes have arrived in North America. Learn more here:Could It Revolutionize the Way We Build?

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