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How FLIR Testing Dog Doors Proves Energy Efficiency

Some of the best selling pet dog doors waste more energy than you may think. A FLIR testing system can test your dog door’s energy efficiency and help you make an informed decision. An energy efficient pet dog door not only enhances your dog’s movements in and out of the house but also benefits you in more ways than one.
What Does a FLIR Testing System Do?

Let us see exactly how a FLIR testing system works and what it helps to check. FLIR thermal imaging cameras help to view and record the thermal distribution and variations in temperature in real time. This helps you check the heat patterns, leakage or dissipation and other temperature-related factors in products, equipment and processes. Simply stated he FLIR testing system is used to show exactly where energy waste occurs.

What we did was use this system to check the energy efficiency of the Freedom Pet Pass dog door. An energy efficient pet door should be able to block air leakage and help maintain the temperature within the home.

When you perform a thermal imaging test, you can not only detect but also visualize air infiltration and exfiltration. The visuals depict cold spots or areas from where the air may be leaking, in sharp bluish purple color tones. A dog door that has minimum cold spots is the most energy efficient door.

FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer) uses infrared technology to identify missing insulation, loss of energy, radiant heating and inefficient HVAC systems. The FLIR infrared camera helps identify patterns of energy loss that may otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. The property and measurement data is compiled into a report and air leaks are easily identified.

How Did Freedom Pet Pass Fare on the FLIR Testing System?

We are proud to announce that Freedom Pet Pass passed with flying colors. And most of these colors were not even close to the bluish purple we were dreading! This energy efficient dog door proved to be the most energy efficient pet doors available today. Little wonder then that Freedom Pet Pass is the only pet door brand Energy Star Partners endorse.

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