Title 24 Compliant Pet Doors!

The only pet doors that meet California’s Title 24 requirements for residential construction.

Energy-efficient and builder-friendly.

Builder Dog with Freedom Pet Pass Door


Freedom Pet Pass dog and cat doors are the pinnacle of energy-efficiency for pets. The airtight DoubleMag seal and insulated frame and flap system give lab-verified performance comparable to Energy Star windows and human doors.

Construction Friendly

The Freedom Pet Pass wall-mounted pet door is uniquely engineered for new construction applications. Designed to be installed and finished like a window, it includes nail flange and can be properly tied into the weather barrier system.

Tough & Rugged

Low-end pet doors are flimsy and cheap. Freedom Pet Pass doors are built from tough, exterior-grade materials like cellular PVC, marine-grade canvas, TPO, and SBR rubber. They’re also engineered for a lifetime of performance, with no electronics, springs, or hinges to break.

California Sets Standards for Pet Doors

Title 24 Applies to Pet Doors

In the September-October 2014 issue of Blueprint, the California Energy Commission confirmed that pet doors must meet certain requirements to comply with Title 24. Freedom Pet Pass energy-efficient pet doors are the only pet doors on the market to meet these standards.

Freedom Pet Pass energy-efficiency specifications label

RANGER by Freedom Pet Pass EXCEEDS Standards

Not only are our pet doors the only ones that have undergone the official ASTM and NFRC testing, our results are comparable with Energy Star windows and human doors.

Our air leakage rate of 0.03 cfm/ft2 is 10X better than the California Title 24 requirements for pet doors and is 15X better than Energy Star requirements for human doors.

From a thermal standpoint, our large pet door has 87% less impact on overall wall U-factor than a representative Energy Star compliant human door.