Replacement Parts

Freedom Pet Pass pet doors are ruggedly constructed and stand up to years and years of use by even multipet households. Occasionally, usually due to chewing, replacement parts are necessary, and we stock parts for all of our doors.

Roughly 9 out of 10 times that replacement parts are needed, it’s because of one simple mistake. An owner will use the inside locking panel to lock their pets outside. We discourage this for two reasons. First, pets cannot see that the locking panel is in place and may hurt themselves trying to re-enter the house. Second, when pets find the entrance to their home sealed, many will try to claw, scratch, and chew their way in. This can lead to damage of the flap and the flap seal.

Never use your locking panel to lock your pets outside. Instead, we recommend barricading the outside entrance so that pets can see that they cannot go back indoors.

Ordering Replacement Parts

Step 1: Determine which part you need

There are two parts to the DoubleMag™ seal system: the flap and the flap seal. The flap is the part that faces the inside. It has no hole in it. The flap seal is the outer part that seals to the outside and has no material in its center.

Flap and Flap Seal

Step 2: Determine your model

Look at the sticker on the top of door on the side that faces outdoors. Newer models of the product will have a model number listed (C, S, M, or L). Older models will have no model number. If you have a model number, you can proceed to ordering your replacement part. If you have no model number listed, you will have to take one more step.

Flap Seal Labels

Step 3 – Measure you pet opening width

If you do not have a model number, you will have to give us a measurement so that we know what size door you have. Measure the width (left to right) of what we call the pet opening. The pet opening is the smallest area that your pet can pass through. It is the inside width of the flap seal (the width of the chocolate-colored flap that is visible). It should be one of the following:

  • 6” (15 cm)
  • 9” (23 cm)
  • 11” (28 cm)

Note the width, and then go to our replacement parts page to place your order.

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Pet Opening for Replacement Parts