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Freedom Pet Pass Wall-Mount Dog Doors

Features of Freedom Pet Pass
Wall-Mount Doors


  • DoubleMag™ seal technology for an airtight, weatherproof seal
  • The most energy efficient dog door on the market
  • Unique locking security panel
  • Nail fin included
  • Safe, pet-friendly construction materials
  • 3-year warranty
Size Pet Opening
(W x H)
Example Dog* Price
XL 16” x 23”
(405mm x 585mm)
Great Dane

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Large 11” x 17”
(280mm x 430mm)

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Medium 9” x 13”
(230mm x 330mm)

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Small 6” x 10”
(150mm x 250mm)
Shih Tzu

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*Every dog is unique. We strongly recommend using the Cardboard Cutout Test to ensure a perfect fit for your dog

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Energy Efficient Dog Door

Perfect for New Construction or Retrofit

What good is an energy-efficient door if it can’t be properly installed? Most dog doors install in a manner that doesn’t meet building codes or best practices. The Freedom Pet Pass wall-mount dog door installs much like a modern, energy-efficient vinyl window. The included nailing fin* not only allows for fast and easy installation in new construction applications, it also allows the door to be properly tied in to your home’s weather barrier system for both new construction and retrofits.

*nailing fin included in package, can be installed on dog door or not as needed

Wall mount dog door with nailing flange

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8 reviews for Dog Doors – Wall Mount

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kathryn Roosa

    I installed a pet door in my drafty farm house this past winter much to the delight of my two Newfies. This past summer I had a major energy efficiency upgrade done on the house that involved putting drywall over previously unfinished walls, including the one where the dog door was installed. Since during the renovation I could not have the dogs coming in and out freely, I blocked access to the door from the outside and and did not cut out the opening in the drywall from the inside. We did a post-renovation energy audit and blower door test with the dog door still sealed behind the drywall. THEN, we immediately cut the opening in the drywall to re-expose the dog door and were pleased (but not surprised) to find that there was no change in the blower door test reading!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love these doors so much I bought two of them. One to enter through the garage doors ( I can keep them closed at all times now ) and one to enter the mud room. Both hold a tight seal all year long and are very durable. More importantly the dogs love them.

    I had what appeared a break with the outside flap. It became detached and looked like the entrance was damaged and caused door failure. I contacted the company and the owner gave me s few simple instructions and I was back in good shape like new. These doors are built to be repaired, not replaced.

    I have two dogs and they are a bit hard on them but they work like new and they are 4 plus years old.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Judy Ronan Woodburn (verified owner)

    The pet doors arrived quickly and in good condition.

    Before installing the I worked on training my dogs to go through the frame, then added on flap at a time. This went well.

    I had the doors installed by a professional carpenter. He found the installation video helpful,especially the tips about insuring that they were installed at the correct height for the dogs.

    I’m pleased with the energy efficiency.

    My dogs are gradually learning to use the pet doors, rather than relying on me to let them out, as we have done for years. They are making good progress.

    Definitely would recommend these pet doors!

    . . . . . . . _o
    . . . . . . . .\ <,
    . . . . . ( ) / ( )

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dustin (verified owner)

    We just bought our door a month ago for a French Bulldog and a Pit-mix. One is 30 lbs and the other is about 60. This door seals tight, I love it! We live in the country and the wind is bad most of the time. I put it on a side of the house where the wind doesn’t blow too hard though. I’ve used Hale doors in the past and there is always a draft coming through it. This door has little to no draft. We are finding that we have to retrain the dogs to use it because it’s not clear (see-through) anymore. The older Frenchie has it figured out but the Pit just can’t figure out how to get back inside. It is a full dog door flap on the way out but when you come back in, the dog needs to know they can’t push the very bottom of it because of the magnet. He’s having a hard time with that. I’m sure he’ll eventually figure it out, but just be warned, it is not clear and is scarier for certain dogs. The other advice I can give is to not get frustrated with your pet. If you do that, it will ruin the dog and they are much harder to train.

    We plan to get another one that will go directly on the side of the house where there is wind. We plan to get the XL door and I will post another update to show how it performs.

    The install was actually very easy and was my first dog door installation. I am a DIY’er but if you have the right tools, it’s not bad. I will buy another one of these. They are quite expensive but worth it for the energy savings alone.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brenda Rasmussen (verified owner)

    The door is solid construction and looks nice too.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    We put this dog door in our last house. It was about 5 feet from my side of the bed – at over 8000 ft elevation in the rocky Mountains. Never a draft, never a problem. Now ordering another for the new house. Great product!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Candy G

    This is the best dog we have ever owned. We liked it so much we bought one for our daughter. In all we have bought 3. Only reason is we moved and needed another. I would not purchase any other dog door after owning this. Best of all when we had a problem the owner contacted me instantly solved our problem after e-mailing back and forth a few times. Mr. Love is the nicest person.
    Very kind and to be honest he could have sold me another dog door but instead he helped me fix the small problem we had. That door is very very well built. It really is built to last.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joan Paula Meeske (verified owner)

    almost 4 yrs, and the in the wall, dog door flap still sealed tight!- until yesterday, when my big dog tore part of it, trying to bust in the closed door. I’m sure it took her a while!
    I have been through 5 other dog door designs in the past 15 yrs – all of them ‘big fails’ and very expensive. Each time, I had to reframe the opening. Big pain in the… Glad I found this one that actually works.

    I highly recommend this company. To be prepared for any future emergencies, I’ll buy 2 spare door flap systems, because I don’t plan on trading my door in for any other brand.

    Freedom Pet Pass: Thanks for the kind words, Joan. For others reading this in the future, we recommend also barricading the exterior side of the pet door on the occasion where it’s necessary to lock pets outside. This ensures that they don’t damage the door in this manner, and it’s also safer for them. Regarding replacement parts, we are committed to always having replacement parts in stock for every door we’ve ever made, so there’s no need to order in advance if you don’t want to.

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