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My lab loves his new door mount dog door!

My six month old Labrador and retriever mix Dupree loves his new dog door! I installed the dog door this past Sunday into my exterior storm door. Dupree is the first dog I have owned and I am a first time dog door owner. I am going to tell you what I have noticed in just a few days.

Before installing the dog door I would keep my lab gated in the entrance while I was gone. Often times I am gone for more than 5 hours at a time and sometimes when I stopped home to let him out to go to the bathroom I would find that he already did. I know he is potty trained and he is very smart. I could tell this upset him more than it upset me. He just couldn’t hold it long enough to wait for me to come home.

After I let him out he then would go crazy wanting to play and was desperate for mental stimulation because he had been kenneled for many hours. I don’t blame him. I love giving him attention but boy was he wound up and full of energy. It would take a while to calm him down, even after a long walk.

Again, my lab is potty trained, but sometimes he would still pee in the house. Mainly because I would forget to let him out regularly. I could tell again that he felt bad because of it however he had to go. He would pee on the carpet and run right to bed.

I understand many of his accidents inside the house and crazy behavior is due to how busy and sometimes inattentive I am at times. Aren’t we all though? Aren’t we all extremely busy these days and if there is something that can solve a problem and add value to our livings aren’t we open to learning more? I am. Just as my lab wants to be a good dog, I want to be a good dog owner and provide for him a happy lifestyle because he sure makes me happy.

I new a dog door was the answer and I purposely lived with my dog for a few months before installing it to create my own story. My own testimonial. I wanted to put myself in the shoes of dog lovers and owners everywhere to see what it is like having a relationship with a dog. That’s kinda what it is right? I mean your living with your dog, spending time together, and taking care of eachother. Here is what I noticed right away after installing the dog door.

I was curious as to how long it would take my lab to learn how to use the dog door and wether or not he would understand its purpose. Took him about 10 minutes of training and it was fun! I’ll write about that later. It was so easy.

Since dog door installation not a single mess inside to clean up. He comes and goes on his terms and he loves it. I can tell. Sounds strange but I can.

When I come home from a long day. (I say long day because there is no longer a need to rush home mid day or twice a day to let my dog out.) He is suprisingly calm. Still very excited to see me. He just doesn’t go crazy like he used to. He seems very content.

I watch him sometimes when he is out there and he runs, plays, and digs and I know when I get home he is calm because he had a fun mentally stimulating day outdoors.

Didn’t mention this earlier, but my lab used to scratch the door to come indoors. Not anymore. So if you have a nice exterior door it is worth the investment because otherwise your dog will scratch up your exterior door.

Overall my lab is much happier now that he has a dog door and I am also. It sure is fun right now watching him get up off the couch to go outdoors and then come in when he is done. That just cracks me up.

I will keep you posted about what else I notice but I just had to tell everyone how happy my lab is with his new dog door.

Do you have a dog door story to share? I would love to hear it!

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