Pet Door Installation

Congratulations on your purchase of a Freedom Pet Pass energy-efficient pet door. We know you and your pets will be pleased with its performance.

Installing the door correctly is critical for energy efficiency and weather proofing. Written instructions are packed with all of our doors. We also offer video guides for both wall mount and door mount installations.

Installation of a door-mounted pet door can be accomplished by just about anyone with the right tools and ambition. We provide step-by-step instructions for cutting the hole and mounting the door.

Through-the-wall pet doors are more complicated to install. Cutting a hole in an exterior wall of your home and correctly installing a pet door is a serious undertaking, and the consequences of doing it incorrectly can be major. This is true for all pet doors, not just ours. Our written instructions and demonstration videos give excellent guidance, but you should have a baseline level of home improvement skills so that you can correctly deal with your home’s unique circumstances.

If you choose to have someone install the door for you, we recommend working with a licensed contractor or handyman.


Instructional Videos     Professional Installers

Do It Yourself Instructions

Door Mount Instructions

Door-Mount Pet Door Installation - Cutting the Rough Opening

Door-Mount Pet Door Installation – Cutting the Rough Opening

Step-by-Step Door Mount Installation Videos

Door Mount Written Instructions

Wall Mount Instructions

Wall-Mount Installation – Introductory Video

Step-by-Step Wall Mount Installation Videos

Wall Mount Written Instructions

Professional Installation

Any licensed contractor or handyman should be able to install a Freedom Pet Pass pet door using standard tools and common installation techniques. You may hire any contractor you deem appropriate. The list below includes licensed professionals who are familiar with our doors.

Mr. Handyman

Freedom Pet Pass has teamed with Mr. Handyman to offer installation services in many areas of the USA and limited areas within Canada.

Mr. Handyman representatives are professionals who are licensed and insured. Their pledge and commitment to their customers is “On Time. Done Right. Every Time.” Mr. Handyman has been providing outstanding improvements to homes and businesses since 1996.


Find a Local Mr. Handyman