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How to Stop Earwigs & Other Bugs From Coming In Through Your Pet Door.

Are you looking for a simple way to stop earwigs and other bugs from coming in through your pet door? Are you shopping for pet doors and concerned that the pet doors you are finding in the pet stores and online are going to allow the insects to come inside and bug you. Pun intended. Imagine if the doors and windows in your home didn’t seal airtight. Imagine all the bugs that would crawl in to begin duplicating inside of your home. Not a pleasant thought at all.

Pet flaps that let light shine through act as a beacon attracting insects to the portal into your home. Earwigs for example, infiltrate your home through tiny creases and look for somewhere to nest and lay eggs. Earwigs find areas of your home that are not completely sealed like screen windows, basements, and the stripping at the bottom of your door.

Imagine how easy it is for that earwig to crawl through a pet flap that doesn’t seal airtight. Most pet doors offer pet flaps that blow open in the slightest wind.¬† Unless a pet flap seals airtight then it is certain that bugs are coming through. You may not catch them¬† in the act but I assure you they are finding places to nest inside of your home.

Pet flaps haven’t changed much over the past 30 years and a pet flap that seals airtight is long overdue. Freedom Pet Pass specializes in energy efficient pet doors and pioneered M.E.S.S.A. sealing technology and has applied this breakthrough sealing technology to pet doors. Now you can enjoy all of the fantastic benefits a pet door provides you and your pet while having the peace of mind that those pesky bugs are not coming in through your pet’s new portal to the backyard.

Freedom Pet Pass is the pet door that Energy Star Partners recommend. Look around and see what you have been missing.

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