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Freedom Pet Pass Cat Door Featured in Passive House

Earlier this month, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) gave a tour of a new Passive House built in Wayland, MA. The house is using many cutting-edge technologies to reduce energy consumption – including Freedom Pet Pass dog and cat doors.

The home – which is 4,400 square feet – is built to minimize heating and cooling, so all aspects of the building envelope must be both well-insulated and airtight. Our doors were up to the task and proved to be one of the more popular features amongst the tour participants. The final house (including the pet doors) is so energy-efficient that it can be heated with the equivalent of a single burner on a stove!

We’re proud that we can help environmentally-conscious architects, builders, and homeowners design and build with both their pets and the planet in mind.

To read more on the Wayland Passive House project:

Roughed-in Freedom Pet Pass cat door - courtesy Green Energy Times

Roughed-in Freedom Pet Pass cat door – Courtesy Green Energy Times

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