The Best Cold Weather Pet Doors

FLIR Image - Freedom Pet Pass vs Aluminum Pet Door

Left: “Best Selling” dog door, registering at  7° F (-14° C)
Right: Freedom Pet Pass door, registering at room temperature

RANGER Pet Doors Keep Winter Out

No cat or dog door can keep winter out better than RANGER Pet Doors by Freedom Pet Pass can. They feature an insulated flap that will perform down to -40° and below and the DoubleMag flap system that is 15X more airtight than Energy Star requirements for human doors.

Made in Michigan and real-world tested in some of the most extreme environments on Earth – including Alaska, the Yukon, and northern Russia, you can be confident that RANGER Pet Doors will give you the performance you need.

Howling Winter Winds Magnetically Sealed Outside

DoubleMag™ Keeps Cold Air Out

The DoubleMag 2-in-1 flap system is the only flap system of its kind. It gives a complete magnet-to-magnet seal around the entire opening of the pet door. It completely blocks cold air, keeping it outside while letting your pets come and go as they please.

The video shows the small dog door / standard cat door being subjected to a direct blast by a leaf blower with a candle on the interior. Even under those extreme conditions, no air gets through the seal to affect the flame… until the seal is broken, then watch how violent the wind actually is!

note: The flap only stays open because of the high speed wind pointed directly at it – once it drops a little, the door closes on its own. Our doors easily close on their own unless you point a leaf blower at them after they’re open.