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Cut Your Pet’s Carbon Paw Print with Energy Saving Pet Doors

According to the National Pet Owners Survey conducted in 2009-2010, 45.6 million households in the US owned dogs as pets. Approximately $1,500 are spent on dogs annually on vet visits, food, grooming needs, toys, kennel boarding and so on.1 The American Pet Products Association (APPA) lays stress on environment friendly pet products that do not degrade this earth in any adverse way. From natural food options to toys, accessories and energy saving pet doors, planet friendly pet products have become necessity of modern times. 2

Reduce Carbon Paw Print with Energy Saving Pet Doors

Installing innovative freedom pet pass pet doors for your pets is a great option for reducing the carbon paw print and making the environment greener. Some advantages of these energy saving doors are:

  1. These doors come with an air tight seal with thermal resistance. So, they will save you from major energy loss even when your dog frequently passes through the door. Moreover, these doors are available in three layer flap designs that make it easy for the dog to move in and out.
  2. These eco-friendly doors are designed in several sizes for safe and convenient use by dogs of different sizes and breeds.
  3. You no longer need to get up in the middle of night to let your dog out to do their business.
  4. With these automatic doors, you can put an end to the entrance of those uninvited annoying bugs and insects.
  5. These eco-friendly doors are designed using non toxic material, so they promise a safe and green environment.
  6. Their design has no sharp corners, protruding pins or hinges that can harm your pet.

All these features have contributed to the growing popularity of these energy saving pet doors. These doors allow for comfort, convenience, security and maximum home energy efficiency. What’s more, you can get an energy saving pet door that complements your home décor. 3


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