Our Philosophy

Freedom Pet Pass™ (FPP) has addressed the issue, generally ignored by conventional pet door manufacturers, (who “claim” to be energy efficient). We don’t “claim” anything. We ARE energy efficient, and PROVE IT.

Air Leakage is the natural enemy of homeowners. Leaky pet doors drain energy and money.

What makes FPP unique is the credibility we have earned in the arena of “home performance” and “energy efficiency”. Freedom Pet Pass™ pet doors are the first and only pet doors that have been tested and recommended by Energy Star partners and home performance experts, all over the world. We are also part of the most elite home energy conservation team – Passive House (www.passivehouse.us).


“Excellence in Everything We Do”. From the way we run our business to our customer service. We provide demo videos, installation videos, testimonials, and installation photos. We’ve also designed airtight pet flaps for heated and air conditioned cedar doghouses manufactured by Blythe Wood Works. Our commitment has served us well. Today, our Freedom Pet Pass™ Energy Efficient Pet Doors are installed in homes on every continent in the world.

History of Freedom Pet Pass

Founded in 2006, in Bay City Michigan, our founder, Brian Algar and his wife, Debbie began making our Freedom Pet Pass Energy Efficient Pet Doors by hand, in their basement. Since that time, we have pioneered a patent-pending technology (M.E.S.S.A. – Magnetically Engineered Self Sealing Application) and employing it directly to the most innovative line of pet doors, anywhere. The FPP product line includes designer friendly, eco friendly pet doors for exterior doors and walls that are proven (by the most stringent regulations), to be draft-free and energy-efficient.

Still “Made in The USA”. All manufacturing for our FPP products is done in The State of Michigan, USA, using ONLY safe, non-toxic materials.

Freedom Pet Pass pet doors are veterinarian approved, undergoing rigorous testing in high-traffic kennel environments, for maximum safety and quality.

Our products are the only pet doors tested by Certified Energy Star Partners, Aerospace Engineers, and Home Performance Experts. We are the only pet door brand endorsed by Energy Star Partners.

Building contractors approve of our designs’ “remarkable durability”, and the “brilliant combination of form and function”. 

Our approach to satisfying you, our customer is simple: We make the best sealing pet doors from the best materials available, and provide them with a variety of installation applications that enhance the look of your home. We are obsessed with producing these remarkable products.

Today, you can find Freedom Pet Pass wherever an airtight pet flap is important. From the Passive homes built in the United States and Europe, to homes in Japan and Australia, where there is great concern about insect infiltration and infestation.

FREEDOM PET PASS: The most respected name in energy efficient pet doors.