My dog keeps chewing up my dog door flap!

Mischievous dogs will chew up anything. I know first hand because my yellow lab puppy who we call Dupree chewed up my wall this afternoon while I was out. For dessert he chewed on some wires leading into the gas water heater! Now my dog keeps chewing up my dog door flap

So, how do you stop your dog from chewing on your dog door. Actually, your dog is probably chewing up the pet flap causing it to leak air and allow bugs into the house. Unless you buy an indestructible metal dog door a dog that chews will find a way to chew any type of pet flap out there. Here is the best answer I can give you and it has worked every time for all of our customers. Buy some Habanero Pepper (this can be found in the spice section of most stores) and some Vaseline. Combine the Habenero Pepper and Vaseline and smear it directly to the pet flap including all the areas your dog has tried to chew and others that our vulnerable to chewing. One taste of this and problem solved!

You can try this on anything your dog chews and this will work. Let me know if this helps and if you have any other tips or suggestions on how to stop your dog from chewing on the doggy door.


  1. Doreen November 26, 2015 Reply

    Wouldn’t that prevent the dog from going through the door??

    • Donald Love December 1, 2015 Reply

      Doreen – good question. No, using an anti-chew treatment won’t prevent a dog from using the door. Whether you use a commercial product or a home-brew like that suggested by Brad, it doesn’t have any effect on the dog unless it sticks the material in its mouth. Dogs are very smart, and they can distinguish between the door tasting bad and the door being scary or bad in and of itself.

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